Would you like a scalpel with your magazine?

| 2 October , 2008 | Reply

One of my favourite shows is Dexter, I watched the boxed sets of Season 1 and 2 and I prefer it that way because you can watch it all quickly but now sadly I have to wait for Season 3 to finish in the US before we will even get an inkling of the next boxed set here.

Anyway, I love their ingenious marketing.  As highlighted by Cool Hunter, when Season 3 debuted this week fake pop-up news stands literally popped up around the US.  They included New York,  Philadelphia, Los Angeles,  Chicago and San Francisco. The stands featured the show’s star Michael C Hall on mock covers of high profile magazines like Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and GQ. Snacks wrapped in suitably blood-red packaging were also available on the stands – how cool is that?

Every time I’m in America,  I love visiting their news stands, hot dog and pretzel stands … I feel like I’m in a movie when I do it!  As most of you know I must have been an American in a past life, when I hit New York for my shopping sprees (and visiting friends) I stock up on my magazines bought from the local news stand, I sit on the subway reading said mag nibbling on a pretzal; I totally get into all the ‘local’ indosyncracies including the love of shopping at their grocery stores and just being a pretend resident while I’m there, love it, love it, love it!

Anyway, I do digress … the pop-up pieces popped up in time for the airing of the first episode.  Apparently, last season’s national launch campaign consisted of custom-made fountains spitting fake blood; fake blood fountains and ficticious news stands – wow what will they think of next?

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  1. Sergorov says:

    Man I love “Dexter” as well. It’s probably the best series produced this decade, certainly on the level with Halls first appearance in “Six Feet Under”. Unfortunately, being german I will probably have to wait even a bit longer for season 3. In fact, Season 2 has not been aired yet (only on Pay-TV). If ever it gets aired at all. And if they keep from cutting it to pieces (which I’m afraid is quite a normal thing here these days… They keep showing boobs in afternoon-talkshows, but keep peeing their pants -sorryformylanguage- when a single drop of blood is shown….)
    Well, I wish I could get one of those fake magazines with Dexter on the cover… and as for the scalpel: I’d take that too. Nothing better out there to slice those tiny Piri-Piri-Peppers for a decent Bloody Mary….

    Greetings from the dark passengers personal caterer….

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