Zoe Foster is not just a beauty airhead

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Zoe Foster, Beauty and Lipgloss Queen extraordinaire, and now author of the latest Chick Lit to hit the shelves. In person, Zoe is just as petite as she appears but deliciously more gorgeous … she just glows and has perfect make-up application.

I have been a fan of Zoe’s for some time and I just love her writing, it’s so creative and fun … so I have been waiting with bated breath for the release of her first foray into the publishing world.


And … it’s a fantablous foray … it starts with a dedication to her Dad at the front, and who else would call their their Dad a penguin and a hothouse tomato in one sentence? I knew straight away I was going to love it!

But enough worshipping at the alter of Zoe Foster … her book, Air Kisses, tells the tale of Hannah Atkins, Beauty Editor at Gloss magazine – the girl most likely to be sporting unblended foundation, orange wrists or a wobbly trail of liquid eyeliner – who bluffed her way into the job!

Zoe weaves the story of Hannah and her best friend Iz with a fun precision and a tongue in cheek look at the inside world of the glossy magazines, including all those freebies, the parties and of course the Air Kisses that go hand in hand with the job.

We ride the Men are From Mars or He’s Just Not that into You (or whatever rule book you’re following right now) rollercoaster with Hannah, and it’s such a blast with its crazy ups and downs that we can all relate to!

At the beginning of each chapter she highlights her fantabolously glamboyant and helpful beauty tips that we just can’t live life without.

I’m sure you will love this as much as me, it’s worth curling up on the sofa and ignoring the world outside while you turn the pages snacking on something yummy.

Available now; Penguin.

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