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There are lots of things that inspire me, it depends on the day I’m having, the mood I’m in and it doesn’t matter if it’s a who, a what, a picture or a story anything can inspire me on each and every day and I think that’s what is exciting about inspiration.

Joanna Alberti inspires me and is a very talented artist in my favourite city in the world, New York. In her words PhiloSophie’s®  are her uplifting outlooks on life.  Her lighthearted quotes and illustrations have evolved into inspirations on friendship, love, and confidence.

The character, Sophie, is brought to life by both original drawings and quotes from her creator. Her fun spirit and outlook on life are ideals all women should live by.  Her whimsical drawings are so cute and of course that makes them fun and girlie which as we know is my mantra that I live by.

Some of her drawings really hit the spot like this one … ‘dreams don’t have an expiration date’ so even though things may be going pear-shaped or no-shape self belief and holding onto those dreams is what keeps us going.  And all our dreams don’t have to be huge ones, they can be little ones too.  So I have them all lined up on my shelf just like Sophie and regularly check on them to keep me inspired and moving forward … do you?

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