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Rebecca Jobson, one of the gorgeous Australia\’s Next Top Models from last year attended the Aria\’s on Sunday 19th October for the first time. She has kindly diarised her experience for us and boy it certainly sounds like she had a fantabolously glamboyant time.



I crawled out of bed on Sunday morning and made the trek out to Acer Arena to get my hair and make-up done.  I was so excited. Hair stylists always take forever with my hair because I have enough for three people. After being beautified, I made my way over to the red carpet for rehearsals. I seriously don\’t think I\’ve ever been so hot in my life. The sun felt like it was about 10 metres away from us and we were just melting blobs of colour into the red carpet! And all that was left of me was my hair!


Thank god for make-up touch ups because we could sit in the air-con … it was so much fun. I was there with the MTV VJ (Video Jockey) gang, Darren McMullen, Jason Dundas, Maz Compton and Ruby Rose. Definitely no dull moments with those tricksters! My job for the day was ‘Trophy Girl\’ on Fan versus Band with Mazzie.


Fan versus Band, involved getting up close and personal with The Living End, Sam Sparro and Gabriella Cilmi. MTV had hunted down fans across Australia to find the most dedicated fan to each of the above stars and it was a pop quiz on who knew more about the band! And in every instance, the fan won!


The Red Carpet to Emerald City

So time to get the party started … the crowd was building, photographers and TV crews were all set up ready to get shots of the hottest people in Aussie music. Someone above was certainly looking down on us, the weather had cooled down and the clouds had come over so no more staring directly into the sun. The stars started to arrive and everybody’s nerves were turning into excitement.

It was time to be Trophy Girl! My research on Sale of the Century Trophy Girls come in handy, who ever knew being a trophy girl could be so much fun!


Being on the red carpet with all these Rock Legends is just indescribable. There were famous people everywhere; it felt so surreal, I was definitely feeling like Dorothy who was transported to the magical Land of Oz. OMG, wherever I looked there were celebs everywhere, my head was spinning, there was Sam Sparro, Pink and Gabriella Cilmi – who I think was easily one of the best dressed for the night.


And one of my gazillions of highlights of the night was when the one and only Rove walked past. I have a secret crush and I have been wanting to meet him forever, but when the opportunity came, I just froze and stared at him, he said hi and giggled at me, how embarrassing, what a wasted Rove moment!!!!

Time for the show and I was lucky enough to have a seat at a table, you have no idea how hard it is to score one of these and I managed to score one with an amazing view.


Highlights would have to be Pink\’s performance, The Presets and Sam Sparro\’s performance (ooops, cute little trip up the stairs but great recovery Sam!). And, I think Sam Sparro is secretly killing every girl on the inside because they know they can\’t have him, first one to turn him is the luckiest girl in the world!
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The show finished, but the night was long from over. The after party was what everyone was looking forward to. What stars could we rub shoulders with, create gossip with?


After parties

First party I rocked out at was The Ivy in the City – it was absolutely PACKED to the rafters! Sweaty, steamy rooms were not really working for me; I\’m not really into that many people in my grill. The VIP section was much more comfortable with free drinks and lots of familiar faces.  Pink walked by and said hi, cool, cool moment!


But then I heard the whispers of the Modular party at Piano Room and I could not resist. As soon as I walked in I had found my groove! I saw some of my favourite DJ’s, including Ajax and the music was just pumping.


I was getting ready to leave and who walks up the stairs? None other than the infamous funny boys Hamish & Andy and oh my god Megan Gale … these little red shoes were not ready to go back to Kansas just yet!


The night just became a blur of good fun of pressing the flesh dancing up a storm … it was definitely one of the best nights I\’ve ever had. I can\’t wait for next year\’s Arias !!!

Love, Bec xxx

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