Dream life to ex-wife … hmpf!

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I’ve never been divorced, and I don’t have kids but of course I’ve had my fair share of break-ups.  Some easy and we remain friends, others ugly, emotional with ridiculous arguments over why and who owns what!  But what I find the most difficult about break-ups is the ‘division’ of friends.


Sheryn George, a talented journalist who lives in Sydney and bought us Miss Lonely Hearts in 2004, tells the story of Caitlin Cooper during her first divorce.  Sheryn was inspired by the emotional experience of her own first divorce but Caitlan Cooper isn’t Sheryn George in disguise says the author!

Caitlan has a near-perfect life; married to a handsome husband with two young daughters; an adrenaline-filled job on which she thrives as a top TV producer and a young assistant, Kennedy, who is both professional and someone Caitlin views as a trustworthy friend.

While launching her new red-hot reality TV show, ironically called Date Squad, her life goes pear shaped when she finds out about a major betrayal (obviously it involves her husband!!!).

With the help of her very loud mother, new-age best friend and two daughters with attitude Caitlan is dragged through her first divorce.

At times everyone appears to be more pissed off than Caitlan but that was probably part of the denial aspect of a break-up (you know what I’m talking about people!).

I did find Caitlan to be a frustrating character at times,  some of the scenarios were a bit silly, but I do realise this is a work of fiction and if you can’t exaggerate when writing a book, when can you?  And truthfully, we all become silly in matters of the heart do we not?

The typical analogies of blame and incredulous mind games between all the parties are present.  Caitlan’s biggest challenge was having to behave as an adult for her children when sometimes all she wanted to do was never get out of bed again – I know that feeling!

The ending was a little bit cheesy and mills and boonish for me, but Caitlan definitely deserved a happy  ending.

If you love Marian Keyes, you’ll enjoy this book, it definitely has it fun and girlie moments that you know is a must in my life!

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