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Are you like me and you carry about 15kgs of stuff in your handbag and you can never find anything when you need it?  And do you have neglected handbags weeping tears of sadness because you are always running out the door with no time to swap your tonnes of must have’s in your bag over to another?borne naked 3

Well I have been road testing a solution to this problem and I have to say that I’m a fan.

Since using my Large Borne Naked Handbag Liner, my handbag hasn’t been so organised.  And I can now share the love with my other bags too.naked-product-73-editedrg1

I have found it easier to find things rather than rifling around my bag trying to find my elusive keys hiding in  the bottom corner of the bag!

Initially it felt a bit weird having a bag in a bag, but you get used to it.  The only thing I do is I still keep my mobile phone in my handbag’s pocket as it’s much easier to get than out of the liner bag.borne

Borne Naked Liner is a unique clear handbag liner that sits inside any handbag and holds your contents in neat compartments.

Available in two sizes:

Small– $24.95 (approx. 26cm x 15cm x 7cm)
Large – $29.95 (approx. 27.5cm x 22.5 cm x 9cm)

Visit www.borne.com.au

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  1. Miss Sandi says:

    What a fantastic little idea. Truly practical.

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