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I am absolutely passionate about the power of a simple kind word or gesture to a friend, colleague or stranger that you pass by during the course of your day.  I also just love and respect our amazing, beautiful planet that we are custodians of.  So when I came across this amazingly simple and beautiful concept, I had to participate and spread the word.

Heart is Hot is a goodwill movement designed to remind us all that we are connected. They invite you to share in one of the most simple but powerful opportunities we have in this life … to follow our hearts.

These pretty little creations are made from 100% recycled glass, engraved with the flower of life symbol and it\’s own unique number. Why? Heart Is Hot hearts are designed to be passed to someone who you feel needs a little love. Then they pass it on to someone they feel needs it when they are ready.

The Heart is Hot is a concept created by Sahara Damore and is all about paying it forward and following your heart.  Her own story on how she came about creating it is so inspiring, she just followed her heart and now her original love is travelling around the world paying it forward to others in need of a bit of love.

Each heart has its own individual number, you can register on the website and track the journey of the heart where you can interact with other heart holders, read about their journeys and purchase more to give away.

uylv-heartishot-0401I absolutely love the concept, and have purchased one for my sister who lives in the UK, who I miss dearly.  I hope that she will pass it on too, but I suspect she will keep it because I know how much she misses me as well.

The hearts are $US19.99 and can be purchased from  Heart Is Hot website – the only problem I found was shipping to Australia is very expensive but after chatting to Sahara she has organised for us to email Kelsie at info@heartishot.com and she will take care of you with cheaper shipping options.  And if you have a bunch of close friends, you can buy them together and save a dollar on each heart and more than likely shipping will be less too.

Spread the love this Christmas in a loving and simple way.

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