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I wish I could hate Heidi Klum, but I can’t, she’s just so niiice.  She’s happy to make fun of herself, do outrageous things, be cheesily romantic with her husband Seal, is a great mum and wife, gives back to the community and is just so perfect, you want to hate her but you can’t because she’s just so down-to-earth and nice.  Watching her on my favourite show, Ellen, the other day made me sigh and cemented my belief that she’s just ‘perfect’.  And who hasn’t seen Heidi’s Air Guitar commercial, she’s the girl!


Anyway *SIGH*, the gorgeous supermodel and Project Runway host recently launched her limited-edition,The Heidi Klum Collection for Very Sexy Makeup at Victoria’s Secret.  Now we love, love, love Victoria’s Secret now don’t we girls?  Yes!  And I cannot wait to get my hands on some of her pieces, what am I saying I want the whole collection!!heidi-victoria-secret

Heidi teamed up with Victoria’s Secret makeup artist Linda Hay to create her signature line with prices from US$10 – $22. The five-piece line includes gloss, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and eye shadow.  It makes sense that a supermodel who is always wearing make up would come out with her own line.

The limited edition makeup features the “Very Sexy” logo in bright pink dots and Heid’s very girlie signature on each piece.  And the blush and eye shadow compacts each come with a picture of her on them.  How could you not want them all?


Photo Credits: Victoria’s Secret

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