Grace Jones may be crazy, but she does rock.

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My favourite pics this week from Fashion-nation … I know it’s a big call but I would have to say that Grace Jones is truly iconic, she has always blurred the lines of art, fashion and music.  I looked up what iconic means at wikipedia and it says that the word iconic is now overrated, so therefore could we say that Grace Jones is overrated?  Regardless, I think this image is just amazing, she always knows how to make a statement.  And she will be here in Australia in January 2009 for the Sydney Festival.


This shot was for Vogue UK, called Unbelievable Fashion / Fashion Fantasy … I have to agree they encapsulate both statements and I do think they look like a cross between a circus and a Chinese carnival.

hc2Another UK Vogue shoot, Tales of the Unexpected … it looks very Alice in Wonderland’ish with a very modern twist … and guess who the actors are to the left?  The incredibly imaginative and creative Tim Burton and his wife Helena Bonham Carter. Who could forget his Edward Scissorhands or The Nightmare before Christmas or The Corpse Bride?


Continuing with UK Vogue, this photo was inspired by Roald Dahl\’s successful short story collections titled “Tales of the Unexpected” which showcases 16 of his finest tales … once again quirky and very imaginative.


And back at Fashionation there are more pics with one photo incorporating the theme of James & the Giant Peach storyline.  Did you know that James & the Giant Peach was first created by Roald Dahl in 1961?  Wow.

I wish I was as creative as this, but alas I am happy to vicariously enjoy the images and imagining how much fun (I know hard work too) the photoshoot would have been.

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