Madame Pamplemousse

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I’d forgotten how delightful reading children’s books are, so light and breezy and filled to the brim with silliness.

Rupert Kingfisher’s Madame Pamplemousse and her Incredible Edibles is set in the city of Paris on the banks of the river.  Madame Pamplemousse and her shop ‘Edibles\’ is tucked away down a narrow winding alley and she has the most amazing shop filled to the rafters of rare delicacies and barely imagined concoctions (incredible edibles, in fact).


But when Monsieur Lard, owner of the dreadful restaurant, the Squealing Pig, starts passing off her delectable pate as his own, his niece Madeleine is given the undesirable task of stealing the secret recipe from Madame Pamplemousse. And it does seem to be an impossible task given that her cat, Camembert, doesn\’t seem to trust Madeleine at all.

Of course I just loved the little hard cover book with all her gorgeous illustrations, but it is an enchanting fairytale of good triumphing over evil with lots of creative and silly ingredients and characters.  If you have an adorable little niece like I do, then she will love this story for Christmas.

Allen & Uwin: $19.95

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