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I went to the launch party of Nexcite, a herbal drink from Sweden with Love and drank a few too many! The aftermath was reported as such …

The 70\’s dress-up, B-52\’s themed bash, was about indulging in some cheeky fun while sporting retro clothing and lots of glitter. Invitations were sent out to the who\’s who of Australia\’s social scene along with a condom and after drinking Nexcite, and experiencing its arousing herbs, many partygoers found it came in handy! In true tradition of a swinger\’s party, upon entrance to the venue, socialites were handed a key with a number on it.nexcite-bottles

After drinking a few Nexcite cocktails, named “booty call” and “lubrication” and flirting around the room, guests who found their matching key partner received a bottle of this love potion. Inside the atmosphere was reminiscent of Studio 54 days complete with naked men ballet dancers doing a show that involved the buff blokes strategically draping different body parts in silk that didn\’t leave much to one\’s imagination! An orgy of orgasmic acts followed including a woman flying on a trapeze, an acrobat being suspended mid-air with silk sashes and a male on male pole dancing show.


To get the dancing going, aphrodisiac canapés and orgasmic cocktails were served along with blue Nexcite jello shots. And if dancing wasn\’t your thing, party goers also had the opportunity to sleep with a hot girl or guy (or both!) who were half naked, in a bed located on the Saturday Night Fever style illuminated dance floor. img_80021 Female guests (and some male) also literately had their tongue wagging when they had the chance to brush chocolate body paint on a hot, ripped male model\’s torso and then lick it off after doing a shot of Nexcite – putting a sexy twist on the original tequila slammer concept.

Who says you can\’t buy love in a bottle?

Celebrities attended: Nacho Pop (choreographer So You Think You Can Dance), Nobbie & Dave (Big Brother 08), Daniel Mifsud (singer ex Australian Idol), Donny Galella (designer), Faye DeLanty (tv presenter) &; Arnott Olsen (singer).

My party girlfriend and I did have a great time, we loved going around the room trying to find our key ‘partner’, that was a great conversation starter. We didn’t realise until we were on our fifth cocktail (I was drinking Vodka, Pineapple Juice and Nexcite – so very moorish) that Nexcite was filled to the brim with caffeine and guarana and that you should only have two nexcites in one day. No wonder I couldn’t sleep that night! As for the ‘excitement’ factor I think that could be the combination of alcohol too although we did indulge in tasting Cooper’s chocolate covered chest, but I’m not saying anymore!

You can read about the history of the drink here, apparently it became a huge hit with American women with its reputation for boosting the libido.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great party! Lucky you Sassi Sam 😉

    Looking forward to hearing more about future parties too!

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