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I am addicted to buffing my nails, I can’t stop … and I can’t stop feeling how smooth they are and looking at how shiny they are, help me!

I recently came across the Fluffy Duck Buffer and I just love it, it was in a gift bag or something I got, I can’t remember.

It lives up to its testimonials and really does make your nails smooth and shiny quickly and easily in just two steps.  You use the yellow side to smooth away ridges and stains by buffing for just 5 secs and then you use the white side to buff each nail for a further 5 secs to create a high gloss and squeaky-clean shine.

pr_bufferlgeThey say:  “The Fluffy Duck Bufferâ„¢ is the revolutionary new buffer that gives women fabulous looking nails in seconds. So easy to use. No creams, no polishes, no mess, no fuss. You won\’t believe how well it works. Now you can have good looking nails any time, all the time.”

And I agree …

They have great tips for keeping your nails in good condition on their website as well as being able to purchase the buffer from their online store.

They also have the cuticle treatment oil (and I need all the help I can get with my cuticles) and cute fruit smelling nail files (yes apparently they give off a smell when you’re filing your nails).

The Cuticle Oil has six oils in it’s mix; macadamia oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and vitamin e oil … that’s a lot of good oils … and has a ‘fresh lemon verbena scent’ … and we know how much I love my products smelling yummy!


These yummy sounding Fruit Scented Files come in five flavours; lemon, orange, cherry, strawberry and apple. Each file has two grits, fine (duck side) for your hand nails and medium (pattern side) for your feet.  And apparently as you file the air is filled with a relaxing infusion to calm as you pamper!


I haven’t tried the Cuticle Oil or the Scented files, so let me know if you have and what you think … I really like the sound of the scented files.

And the best thing about this product, it’s Australian!

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