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| 7 January , 2009 | 15 Replies

I recently came across a gorgeous local skin care range, Planet Earth.


Now I’m not sure if you know, but I’m very fussy when it comes to what body products I like to use.  I have been using body products from the US for such a long time that I haven’t been looking in my own backyard.  Scents and creaminess of the products are very important to me, as well as not leaving a greasy residue on my skin.  They can’t be too thick so they need to be easy to put on because I don’t have time to be rubbing it in, I’m on a mission to get ready and out the door as quickly as possible (I leave getting out of bed until the last possible minute).

Anyway, Planet Earth have a delicious range of bath and body products and although they aren’t as pretty as my favourite brand, I love their clean and simple packaging and more importantly their contents!

I have been using their body butters, body moisterisers and loofah body wash and I have to admit I’m a convert.  The only negative is the scents, they are not as heavenly as I would like but my favourite would be the frangipani & vanilla body moisturiser.  Initially when you put it on, you think, hmmmm but once it settles into your skin it gives you a lovely vanilla scent that is not overpowering.


I used both the butters and regular moisturiser and they have a brilliant texture that’s so easy to put on and leaves your skin with a succulent and silky feeling.  The butters are great for those extra dry areas such as; hands, elbows, knees and heels as it helps to soften and smooth rough skin.  And they don’t leave a greasy residue, yay.

There are three delicious combination’s available in the Body Butter including; Pomegranate & Frangipani to uplift and awaken, Coconut & Lime for a fresh subtle scent and Cocoa & Shea Butter for a decadent reminder of summer all year long and at $9.99 for 250ml, that’s a bargain because you don’t have to use stacks of it like the thinner creams on the market.

Planet Earth\’s range of Loofah Body Washes awakens the senses and gives your body a fresh clean feel. The Loofah Body Wash has little exfoliation particles to smooth rough skin (although I personally like a really good scrub to do this). I did find the body washes refreshing and I used the Frangipani & Vanilla and Lemongrass & Bamboo. When you’re using it though, because they are a bit runnier than I like, you have to turn the tube upside down before you open it otherwise it spills out everywhere before you get it to your shower puff.


Fragrances to choose from include; Cocoa, Frangipani & Vanilla, Coconut & Lime, Lemongrass & Bamboo, Musk & Rosewood or Pomegranate & Frangipani. And $7.99 for 375ml is a bargain.  I think I would love to try the Musk & Rosewood scent (postscript, I just received the Musk & Rosewood and it’s my now favourite scent – love, love, love).

The Planet Earth range also has a hand cream range and gorgeous boxed sets available.


Planet Earth products are designed in Australia and is against animal testing and are available nationally at Target – get in there and find your favourite scent.

For further information on Planet Earth’s products visit:

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  1. Marion Steele says:

    As I have run out of your wonderful Planet Earth body moisturiser and the shop doesn’t stock anymore,could you please tell me whereabouts in NZ I can purchase more.
    Thanking you
    Marion Steele

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    As far as I know Planet Earth products are sold in Target stores nationally. Hope that helps.

  3. Julie Anderson says:


    Can you tell me if you can purchase the Planet Earth Foot Soak separately? I was given the Foot Spa as a gift, but now I’m trying to find the products as I’m running out but can’t seem to find the foot products anywhere 🙁

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Sassi Sam says:

    If you read the above comments you will see the links above to their website, you are best to contact them directly to find a local stockist. But they are usually stocked in your local Target and Priceline stores as far as I know.

  5. cheryl says:

    My daughter is a studing to be a beauty therapist & recently used your products.Where can I purchase & see the range?I live at Gosford.

    Thank you
    Cheryl Mawson

  6. Sassi Sam says:

    Please visit the website mentioned above and they will be able to help you.

  7. Dee Smith says:

    I use your produc for pedicure i wood like to by derekt from you if you can E-Mail me your price list thanks Dee

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi, my nana has asked me to find some of the Planet Earth “Haven” products. I found some in farmers nz but they only seem to have the hand and foot packs. I am after the facecream products. Does anyone know where in NZ to get the “Haven” brand face products from? my email is if anyone could help that would be muchly appreciated. Thanks

  9. Sassi Sam says:

    That’s fantastic news, am so glad to hear that and I’m sure Planet Earth will too 🙂

  10. jan prior says:

    coconut and lime products cured my skin condition after 14 years of suffering THANK YOU SO MUCH F A N T A S T I C

  11. jan prior says:

    My children gave me a huge basket of Planet earth coconut and lime products, not wanting to hurt their feelings I keept it , of course.The trouble was that i have suffered from a skin condition no doctor could fix , I saw many specialist over 14 years and they called it everything. I payed loads of money for soooo many creams THEN ONE DAY I RAN OUT AND HAD NO MEDICATED CREAM. so I had to use my coconut and lime as my feet were bleeding. Scared because so many creams made me break out worse than before. I started in January and have ONLY used coconut and lime in that time, no medicated cream at all. I have not had a break out in 4 months, not sore, not red, not bleeding, no itching and my feet now look normal after 14 years. Not only normal but you can not even see where it had been, even when the skin was healed my feet looked like they had been very badly burnt……. THANK YOU PLANET EARTH… THANK YOU…. nothing has worked like this and my feet feel so so soft even softer than before I had the break out 14 years ago. I thought and so did the doctors that this would be with me forever, GIVE IT A GO … I hope this helps other sufferers.. good luck…. jan prior

  12. Cheryl Parcell says:

    I was given two tubes of hand cream for Christmas one being Coconut butter and the other Frangipani & Vanilla hand cream. I really liked the coconut one and felt it as a nice handcream. But the Frangipani and Vanilla one really smells absolutely disgusting. It certainly does not smell like either frangipani or vanilla!!!

  13. Deborah brown says:

    I love it !!!! especially the coconut & lime 🙂

  14. Billie Krarup says:

    Hey my mum was given some planet earth products for her birthday last year and she wants to buy the miosturiser again but doesnt know where to find it.Would you be able to post me a list of stockists in NSW, Australia. my email is
    Thanks Billie Krarup

  15. Oooh, I love that brand! The pomegranate body butter smells delicious!

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