The Hilton Sisters experience Sassi Moments

| 8 January , 2009 | Reply

As we know, the Hilton sisters graced Australia with their presence over the New Year festive period – if you aren’t aware of this visit then you must have been hiding under a rock because they were just everywhere!

Here they are at the Bongo Virus NYE party at the Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross.


And here they are arriving at Sydney airport.


And here’s their luggage.


I was disappointed to see that they weren’t travelling with their usual Louis Vuitton luggage but am pleased to see the pink pieces!  Can you imagine packing and moving these?  And how much room they would take up in their hotel room?  Yes I know, I know, they probably wouldn’t have to pack it themselves, they certainly wouldn’t have to carry them up and down four flights of stairs like I do to get to and from my apartment and their hotel room would be massive, but still … add to this luggage all the freebies that they get given when they arrive (I even sent them a gift pack and am hoping to see it on them one day), the shopping spree they went on while they were here (did they need to purchase a new piece of luggage?) … how on earth do they choose what to wear?

The Hilton Sisters are definitely experiencing some Sassi Moments!

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  1. Sarah W says:

    To all the sassy girls, get down to the Marly Markets this Sudnay, I was there in december and they are opening again this weekend, its all fashion focused with really kewl shirts and prints and hand made jewlerey. its at the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown and starts at 11 and goes late.

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