'IT' bags no longer, it's the TV bag

| 9 January , 2009 | Reply

Holy crap, look at this … it’s a handbag with a TV in it, yes seriously!  It’s fashion meets technology and at £295 (approx. A$700) it’s sure to go missing very quickly from from your arm!


It comes in a range of colours, leathers, and fabrics, integrated with a high quality 7in TV screen combining, DVD, and Mpg player. The screen sits behind a protective transparent shield and enables you to literally watch films/videos either on DVD or downloaded to the bag (how weird does that sound? “Honey can we download that to the bag please?”). The system comes with full connectivity for use with computers or digital cameras through USB port and SD card slot, allowing the playing of scrolling photos on the bag.  The light weight battery system allows the player to play up to 2.5 hours of movies, video and photos.

bagtv1They say you can use it on the move, on the way to and from work, for holidays, on trains or in the car at night in bars, and clubs to show off your latest photos, or favourite videos.  Can you imagine going to a nightclub with friends over a cocktail or two showing them your photos?  hmmmmm.

And on another handbag note, check out this one, I do love the concept, but not big on the style:


What do you think?

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