To love, honour and be betrayed

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Who doesn’t love Kathy Lette?  Seriously, don’t you think she could be considered an Australian institution?  She’s hilarious, her caustic wit and opinions that come from left field can really get us thinking and that’s exactly what I love about her, she’s a non-conformist in her opinions!  Even though she lives in the UK, we can forgive her for that because typically she’s a proud Australian who doesn’t hide behind an ‘international’ accent and embraces our laid back attitude to life!

Her latest literary effort To Love, Honour and Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part) shows her continued loyalty to all things Australian (and particularly ‘The Shire’) by plonking her English characters down onto Australian shores.  The chaotic tale of Lucy splitting up with her husband bursts at the seams in lessons on love, betrayal, friendship and parenthood, all told in her usual exaggerated and hilarious way.


When Lucy’s husband of eighteen years runs out on her, she’ll do anything to win him back. Including climbing out of her bedroom window at one in the morning wearing her daughter’s mini skirt. Jasper has left Lucy for her best friend, the chic and thin interior decorator Renee. To make matters worse, her teenage daughter Tally, blames her Mum. ‘Dad left because you’ve let yourself go, you’re overweight and you nagged him. No wonder he buggered off.’ While Tally is busy trying to find a loophole in her birth certificate so she can put herself up for adoption, Lucy’s tries to accept that a child is for life and not just for Christmas.

Although a signed-up member of Underachievers Anonymous, in Lucy’s quest to win back her husband she learns to be a surf life saver, loses weight and gets a job. She also falls in lust, finding herself torn between an older and a much younger man. But it’s not until Lucy makes a Freudian discovery that she finally learns to stand on her own two stilettos (

As much as I enjoy reading Kathy’s books, I only have one minor gripe and it’s not about Kathy or her writing personally, it’s just a topical subject that has been bubbling away in the background for a while and the film Australia brought it to a head.

Australians are very proud and we do have a unique way about us I agree, but why can’t we be perceived in books and films as just ‘normal’ people?  Why is it necessary to exaggerate the cringe inducing aspects of our culture?  I feel that this aspect of us as Australians is now outdated and doesn’t need to be the crux of our stories anymore.  I want our writers to stop focusing on our quirky slang and stand up and be proud of being an everyday Australian!  Jess at Tresspass Mag highlights my thoughts succinctly on this topic, I hope our authors and film makers will take this feedback on board, it is constructive after all!

But other than that, this book is great for the poolside and/or beachside this summer …

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