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Okay, I have found some fun and girlie tech products, I’m sure there are a tonne more but these are what tickled my fancy today.

Firstly, instead of eating MM’s you can now pop them in your ears so they won’t be going to your hips.  These yummy earbuds are available in a variety of scrummy colours; red, blue, green, yellow, etc. [Source]

Of course they are only available in the US *SIGH* for $9.99 … I think I want some, now what colour do I want?


Fun USB Flash Drives

I don’t know who the Kooky Klickers are but the USB ports are really cute and will definitely brighten up your day – I think I would like to have the whole team sitting on my desk chuckling at me! [Source]


Very girlie, handbags and lipsticks … right up my shopping aisle. [1 and 2]



I know these USB flash drives aren’t girlie but they are cool, do you think manicured female hands would be as cool looking?  I can definitely see them working well in pink. [Source]


And what do you think of this pink keyboard?  I am a fan, I do want one … I don’t think I need to say anymore! [Source]


And I so want one of these, you can crawl inside onto the waterbed, where you will be greeted by an LED lightshow and music coming from the in-built speakers, all designed to lull you to sleep.  At approximately AU$13,000 you would probably want to never leave your little capsule!



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