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Guest editor

I have a guest editor today, my book lover friend Emma Andrews.  She’s very excited to be reviewing some books for us and I’m really glad to have her on board.  I’ll be posting some little blurbs about my guest editors over the next week.  But for now, enjoy Em’s review.

Hi, I’m Emma and this is my first entry for Sassi\’s gossip blog and I\’m ecstatic that Sassi has asked me to contribute to the delicious and pleasurable world of ‘chick lit\’. I love these girlie books, particularly those that stream into your subconscious and take you on a journey of fun, intrigue, climax and ultimate satisfaction. Ever get that feeling when you just can\’t put a book down?  I love it!

Maria de los Santos, in her second big novel, Belong to Me, has attempted to do just this. Her writing capabilities are evident by her almost poetic and wonderfully structured compositions. While I wasn\’t completely captivated, Santos\’ style grabs you as she begins to describe the world and the characters in which Cornelia, the heroin of the story, finds herself immersed. From the get go, I knew that this wasn\’t just your average girlie story with simplistic undertones.


Cornelia and her husband Teo have moved to the wealthier outer suburbs of Philadelphia. At first glance, the change from city life appears to be little more than a shift into an unfamiliar suburban world – one of perfection. Cornelia\’s snooty, arrogant and seemingly shallow neighbour, Piper, is the epitome of what this lifestyle represents. It is when Cornelia is swept up into the reality of what is going on around her that her life takes an unexpected turn.

The story\’s complex characters are beautifully aroused in Santos\’ witty descriptions which gradually morph into characters you can relate to. Cornelia strikes up a friendship with an elusive woman, Lake, whose teenage son Dev is a brilliant scholar. In a bitter sweet twist, we learn that Lake and Dev shield a secret that will come to shock all those around them. While Cornelia\’s new friends have their own issues to deal with, she has a loyal and loving husband by her side. What could possibly go wrong?

While Santos\’ style was a breath of fresh air, I can\’t help but feel that her writing ability did not always compliment her sometimes disjointed and run-of-the mill storyline. It was, however, an enjoyable read and a good one for when you\’re stuck indoors on a rainy day.

Harper Collins: $32.99

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