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Okay, I’m thieving this post from my lovely friend Jill at Trend del a Creme … you know how much I love her and her posts so in honour of that love I’m posting this fantabolous trend she has gathered and shared with us.  Whether we tap into it or not, hmmmm I’m sure we will, we are suckers for style statements!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes,we can never have enough … these shoes are my favourites, I call them my Sex and the City shoes because they look like they have come off Carrie Bradshaw’s feet.  I bought these on one of my New York City shopping missions a couple of years ago … I consider them a classic buy and even better, I got them on sale 🙂


Back to the trend at hand, nothing beats these trend-a-licious shoes on a mission, they definitely make a lethal statement and are sure to break the ice at any party (especially if you dress or lack thereof like this)!


Remember Madonna got tongues wagging last year when she wore these Karl Lagerfield numbers …


Balenciaga are in on the act … here’s the Tank Platform


If I had to choose a favourite, I guess these would be it.


Seriously, what do you think the security boffins at the airports will think of these shoes?  Can’t you just see them go into a security frenzy when you walk up to the barriers?  My bet is they wouldn’t let you wear them on board the aircraft.

Which are your favourite?

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