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So, it’s late Friday night it’s hot and sticky still, I’m listening to a CD (yes one of those ol’ things, from 1993 to be exact) but I am playing it in my dvd player, so does that count?  A little bit?  No?  Okay!  The long summer days are revolting if you don’t have air con, the skin glistens (as my dad says!) all day and you suck down a gazillion litres of water to try and keep cool while sitting on the fan as the sun burns holes through the windows!

I live at Coogee Beach (below) in Sydney.  I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a glorious suburb and enjoy the benefit of not only having a beach as part of my backyard, but the sea breezes, I live for those sea breezes.  So when we don’t have our sea breezes, it makes for an ugly day of suffering through the heat and on those days I think it should be mandatory that we all have air con; although I don’t think the eco-peeps will be too pleased about that, hmmm!  And sometimes I do wonder how on earth did our ancestor’s cope?  Seriously, those dresses and suits they all wore?  We clearly have no clue!  And this ‘heat issue’ is at the forefront of my mind right now because I no longer work in a corporate office in the city and can no longer take for granted the heavenly refrigerated conditions of said corporate office.

coogee_beach_sydney_australiaSo it got me thinking about why I do what I do and endure the sometimes very challenging working from home environment and feel like such a bleeter when I tell people I work from home, and they ‘dream’ of the day that they can too, that it’s really hard sometimes!  Yes it’s really exciting when you first start doing it, but after 12 months (which is how long I’ve been working at home on my own), you realise it can be hard and sometimes a bit lonely … it’s a bit like thinking being a flight attendant is so glamorous but really it’s not, they’re just glorified waitresses, really it’s just what they are!  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I am very grateful but I am realistic too.  And while I’m at it, I may as well mention Winter, because when it comes around I have to sit on the heater too so my butt doesn’t freeze and my fingers don’t snap off while I’m typing!  Did you know I can type over 100 hundred words a minute?  Impressive hey?

Anyway, I digress … so why do I do what I do?  Sometimes I wonder why, but I decided it’s because I’m a pop culture addict and it’s such an indulgence to be able to write about ‘fluff’ as I call it and go shopping for fun and girlie ‘stuff’ for my store everyday.  Getting parcels at the post office every week makes me squeal with glee, alright, I don’t squeal but it sounds good!  I really do wish I could have a huge walk-in dressing room so I can have a real life shrine to all the fun and girlie things I fall in love with everyday that I don’t need.  And because I’m not immorally rich as my Dad reminds me, my blog and store has become said shrine for all these things that I covet and cannot have.


I also wonder why people would read my blog, because really everything I write about is already on another cyber page somewhere and because I’m addicted to all things pretty, my shrine to all things girlie is not important nor will it make the world end if we didn’t know about it but I like to think that it will brighten someone’s day in some way.

I can’t tell you how much a blog is a labour of love and how long it takes each and every day to sift through a gazillion websites trying to find the ‘right’ story and the ‘right’ pictures that will get your attention and fit my motto of ‘fun and girlie’ and add that touch of brightness to your day.  I have so much respect for my fellow bloggers; some of them are just so clever with their musings that I totally worship them.  The way their words just flow onto the page in such a creative and profound way, I am in total awe and envy.  Did you know I can recognise some of my favourite writer’s without knowing that it’s their byline prior to reading the column or article?

I was never going to write a blog, I decided that three years ago when I started Sassi Sam, but here I am writing my own blog and I do love it and I cannot wait until it will FINALLY be sitting on my website very soon!  I do try and pretend that this blog is for you, but I’m going to be honest, it’s not really for you it’s for me but I don’t mind sharing … I hope you don’t mind sharing either.

And continuing with the theme of ‘myselfishness’ you can find me worshipping at my alter of self on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace.

Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

PS – Among my friends, I’m renowned for my PS’ … I’m the Queen of PS and BS sometimes 🙂 … the CD I have been playing endlessly tonight that I pulled from the archives of 1993 was Ultra Nate‘s ‘One Woman’s Insanity’ – how apt is that?  Some days I do believe I am insane!

This is her 1993 album and this is her 2008 album … wow, now that’s Obama!

ultra-nate-3This post is dedicated to those that have believed in me, encouraged and supported me over the past three years, and that includes you and it also includes those that are no longer here with me … I am sincerely grateful and thank you.

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  1. Miss Sandi says:

    We are in awe of you too dear. Lovely piece. I really enjoyed reading it x

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