War of the brides

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Guest Editor, Emma Andrews reviews Bride Wars

If there is one thing I will tell my girlfriends this summer, it\’s to go and see Bride Wars or forever hold your peace. Even if you have to drag your boyfriend kicking and screaming to the cinema, tie him to the chair while you buy the popcorn, and slop a big one on him for being the only guy there, you absolutely have to see this film.


I was lucky enough to have a best friend who called me up and popped the question I\’d been waiting for. “I do, I do!!!!” I screamed down the phone racing to get my jeans on. I couldn\’t get out the door quick enough. This was my chance to see Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in all their glory and hang out with my bestie to live and breathe weddings.

It\’s a funny thing when you\’ve planned your own wedding to want to go and see a movie about planning a wedding. Let\’s just say it\’s a kind of ‘been there, done that, and I sympathise\’ kind of feeling. It\’s also about the ‘where for art thou Romeo\’ moments of unadulterated love. Let\’s face it, a wedding is supposed to be every girl\’s dream right?

My girlfriend (who I\’ll add is planning her dream wedding in her head this very moment) was the perfect partner for the occasion. Coupled with my love of all things bridal and a strange desire to relive my own wedding plans, this was sure to be a hoot.The beautiful and talented Kate Hudson was divine (despite the over-zealous eye makeup). She plays Liv, the highly strung, super organised and overly confident career woman. The equally talented Anne Hathaway is the perfect choice for Emma, a seriously nice school teacher who turns out to be the super bitch from hell.


I can honestly say I laughed so hard I cried. To give you the low down, these two best friends have always dreamt of their perfect New York wedding in the Plaza Hotel. The situation turns ugly when both girls get engaged, only to find the hotel is fully booked – except for one day. The niceties then turn to bitter feuds as each friend struggles to sabotage the other\’s perfect wedding.

However this nasty story does have a happy ending. I won\’t give it away, but expect a few cliché Hollywood feel good moments. Of course every good chick flick has these, so who are we to complain?

To top off my fabulous trip to the movies, my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the night planning her non-existent wedding down to the very last sequence while bogging into a tub of chocolate ice-cream. What could be more fun than that!

And if you want to have a go at being a bride at war, play Bridal Beat Down, choose your fighter and get your gloves up!

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  1. Miss Sandi says:

    Lovely review. As someone actually planning their wedding, I found this film completely hilarious, but also filled with some neat ideas.

    Looking forward to having a crack at bridal beatdown…

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