How much attention do our eyelashes need?

| 2 February , 2009 | Reply

I came across vibrating mascaras last year and I still feel the same way about them, I think I would be too scared to put it near my eyes!  Of course it hit the shelves in the US last year but the Estee Lauder version has just landed on Australian shelves.  “It oscillates at 125-cycles per second to expertly coat your lashes whilst delivering maximum volume, length, separation, definition and curling all in one.”


Apparently the biggest concerns of regular mascara wearers is avoiding the accumulation of makeup in the lashes that creates the unattractive ‘spider eyes’ affect … so ta daaaa to the battery-powered vibrating mascara and to our lashes looking professionally made up everyday.

And as for Lancome\’s new Ôscillation mascara, it features a brush that provides 7,000 vibrations per minute. And they say it will aid application and provide 360-degree coverage for your lashes … wow how special are our lashes?


The Estee Lauder mascara retails for $62 and is available at MYER, David Jones and selected pharmacies nationwide.

And hot off the press: Latisse has just introduced a new eyelash stimulant that will be the ‘next botox’.  The product contains Lumigan, the ingredient used in eye drops for glaucoma, and is said to make eyelashes both longer and more voluminous. Even though side effects may include red and/or itchy eyes, I’m sure some won’t care and fork out the US$120/month drug for “real” false eyelashes.


And if you are a bit scared by Latisse, a number of science-driven cosmetic brands, such as Fusion Beauty and Talika, are pushing a less intrusive version of the pumped-up lash trend. These enhanced formulas are like conditioner for eyelashes, making them stronger so that they can grow faster.  (


So what do you think, are these new mascara’s a gimmicky gadget? Or will they be the next hottest ‘must-have\’ item for our beauty case?  And what about the inroads to the ‘sciencing’ of our lashes?  Are we taking our beauty a bit far?

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  1. Bronny says:

    Um – I wouldn’t use it, I’d be too scared (like you) to put it anywhere near my eyes! Plus, I like the feeling of putting mascara on (-:

  2. Jenn says:

    oh wow that sounds absolutely ridiculous.
    Why do we need a vibrating brush ?
    Can’t you apply it yourself ?
    I think we are definently taking it too far.
    It’s just bloody lashes!
    I think it’s pretty funny 😀 !

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