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Okay, so I’ve been reading this book PopBitch , celebrity excess and other monkey business (Random House) and I say it is a totally random scrapbook of pop culture trivia.

Now I like to call myself a Pop Culture Addict, Connoisseur, whatever … but I took for granted my own understanding of what the word Pop Culture meant so I decided to do some research for us before we get stuck into the book.

Wikipedia says:

Popular culture (or pop culture) is the collection of ideas that are popular, well-liked or common and create the prevailing culture. These ideas are heavily influenced by mass media. Popular culture is the views and perspectives most strongly represented and accepted within a society.

Which really is the same as what I thought it was ‘totally random and useless trivia that we are addicted to knowing about’.

So back to the book…


Popbitch is your one-stop-shop on the internet for celebrity gossip, fashion news, rock legends, pop music, political titbits, blind items, cute animals, weirdness, web links and more … so what makes them different to everyone else? Well they’ve been doing it longer, when they started there was no Big Brother, no Pop Idol, no X Factor and no Paris Hilton (can you imagine?).  To be famous you were expected to have a talent of some kind and in eight short years, we now cannot sail through our daily lives without being knocked over by them in some form or another!


They describe their book as perfect toilet reading.  I did find it entertaining but I recommend reading snippets out to a friend who you can laugh out loud with.  I read this with my sister-in-law poolside on the Gold Coast and it made it so much more fun!  Some stuff is really gross but hilarious nevertheless because someone ‘famous’ has done it!  Even Nicky Webster gets a mention on page 47.

Scattered throughout the book are those really cheap and silly christmas bon-bon jokes, and ‘chin celebrities’ … a bunch of people in Soho got drunk one night and decided to see what celebrities their chins looked like, took photos and here they are in this book!

So I decided to summarise some fun did you knows for you:

  • Mariah Carey wants to go where the rainbows are – I think she’s already there!
  • There were 237 mentions of the word ‘f**k’ in the film Departed
  • Prince sued fans who had unauthorised images of him on their websites – what a wanker!
  • One Night in Paris starring a naked Paris Hilton sold 300,000 copies in the first week – and she didn’t make any money from this!
  • Britney:  at press conferences her ‘people’ scheduled in her laughing fits in her diary – apparently she had to keep leaving the room to have hysterical laughing fits.
  • Kate Moss was at a fashion shoot wearing her own jewellery.  “See this necklace,” she asked people in the studio.  “It’s been up Johnny Depp’s bum.”  – thanks for sharing that Kate.
  • There is a law in Texas prohibiting 16 year old divorced girls from talking about sex during high school extracurricular activities – no comment needed here!
  • For promo interviews, Christina Aguilera used to like to sit in a dimly lit room and sit in a completey different direction to the journo’s while they ask and she answers questions! – totally weird!
  • Polar Bear fur is not white, it’s see-through but the light shines through the hairs to make them look white against the bear’s black skin.
  • And in 2007, the punk burka was a best-seller - a traditional burka customised with safety pins – very Westwood indeed!

Need a quick guide to a publicist’s spin?  Here you go:


Popbitch has achieved massive mainstream recognition having gained the reputation as being first with countless celebrity scoops, way ahead of the tabloids. If you want to be among the first to learn about the activities of David Hasslehoff, Lembit Opik and Britney\’s dogs you need to be plugged into Popbitch. Popbitch took its first tentative steps across the internet in the final days of the last century. This is the annual which depicts how the love of celebrity culture has exploded from underground guilty pleasure to a dark and twisted international obsession. It will reveal some of the stars who\’ve tried to silence us with their expensive lawyers; and celebrate the weird and wonderful world of 21st century pop culture.

For further Pop Culture missives, you can read SMH writer Lenny Ann Low’s very funny “guide to the ridiculous global phenomenon that is the celebrity.” SMH journalist Charles Purcell writes about how to not score a celebrity interview (it’s hilarious) and The Sartorialist‘s (aka Scott Schuman) debut book will be published by Penguin Books in the US this September (Girl with a Satchel).

See, now do you know why you need me?

Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

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