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I love a bit of  a mystery my lovelies and Lisa Jackson‘s new thriller Twice Kissed was a fabulous mix of girlie romance and mystery.  I am a fan of Lisa Jackson’s books, because they are easy to read and page turners with interesting story lines that aren’t ‘heavy’.  And she’s managed to crack the New York Times Best Seller List!


In Twice Kissed, Maggie McCrae’s twin sister Mary Theresa Walker (or Marquise as she likes to be known) vanishes without a trace and the first Maggie knows about it is from a telepathic message from her.

“It was Thane. He did this to me. Maggie, please, don’t let him get away with it…” Shortly after Maggie receives this message, Thane arrives at her ranch looking for his ex-wife.

The police suspect foul play and Thane, being her ex-husband, is the prime suspect. Maggie once loved Thane, she can’t trust him now but she will do anything she can to find her sister.

The deeper Maggie goes into the mystery, the more she is drawn into the web of her sister’s past, a twisted family legacy of desperate deceit, betrayal and revenge …

The romance is predictable but the mystery aspect of the story definitely keeps you turning the pages … I found it to be a well written mix and the chemistry between the two main characters definitely sizzled 🙂

The complex relationship between twin sisters was well portrayed but you do wonder how one family can have so many skeletons in the closet!

And that’s why it is the perfect book to read for some much needed escapism poolside, at the beach, on a long flight or just on a big comfy sofa at home.

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