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Katy Regan’s debut novel, One Thing Led to Another, is based on her own story of accidentally falling pregnant by her best mate, which inspired her hugely successful Marie Claire column, And Then There Were Three. They say that the book is ‘a smart, punchy, poignant and achingly funny debut‘ and I agree, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Meet Tess and her three best friends, flatmate Gina, Jim and Vicky.  When Tess and Jim drunkenly sleep together neither of them expects that it will result in a baby.  Both Tess and Jim want to stay friends with no romantic involvement but do find it difficult trying to explain themselves to others.

Follow the story of these four best friends and their hilarious drunken tales of mischief and the conflict they face about having to all of a sudden grow up because of the sudden impact this unplanned pregnancy has on them all.

Tess had these simple rules for her life:

  1. Live life to the full – Tess and Gina′s flat has a jacuzzi so it′s the obvious location for a party … every night
  2. Make great friends and keep them close – though maybe not actually in your bed.Tess and Jim′s claims that they are “Just good friends” has everyone rolling their eyes
  3. Look on the bright side of life – after all it could be so much worse.Tess′s job interviewing the nation′s walking catastrophes proves this every day
  4. Don’t wait for the weekend to wear your fancy knickers – although be warned, this can lead to all manner of messes …

Tess has always been one to wing it but she’s fast realising that her bank of blag is running out of funds.  At 28, is it time to grow up?  May be having a baby with your best friend isn’t the best way to start.

The characters are really likable and it was easy to relate to their conflicts and confusion and hilarious tales of woe.  It came across as quite realistic and definitely keeps the reader engaged as they, Tess and Jim, in particular try to come to grips with their new found ‘adult’ responsibilities.

I loved Katy’s easy writing style, so it made it easy for me to keep turning the pages.  

You can get all the updates on Katy’s real life on her blog at Marie Claire, State She’s In.  She lives in south London and shares care of her son Fergus with his dad who lives across the road.  How modern and fantastic is that?

Available now, Harper Collins.

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