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I’m am sitting here on my sofa reading Joanna McMillan Price’s new book Inner Health Outer Beauty scoffing a kit kat with my black tea – true, it’s that kinda day, cloudy and grey!

I am a big fan of Joanna, every time she has her segment on the TODAY show she just glows with health and vitality.  You can see how passionate she is about good health and good eating and I love the way she keeps things simple, we’re too busy for anything more.


Aesthetics first … it has a pink cover and inside there are some gorgeous piccies of Joanna, some pics of fruit & vegies (although not many) but what I loved the most were the floral background patterns … it gave the book an ‘earthy’ feel to it.

So the book … do we need another health book? Probably not but then we don’t seem to be doing well in the health department right now considering all the statistics being bandied about in the media.  Joanna’s book is NOT a diet book, it’s a good living book.  My mantra is to eat and do everything in moderation and exercise at least four times a week.  I used to be a gym junkie and train six times a week but I don’t have the energy for that anymore!  Life is busier now, we are juggling too many things and there are too many options and some days I’ve just gotta go with the easier option.


I found Joanna’s book easy to read and understand, a great mix of interesting facts as well as being realistic with the modern times we live in.  She advocates quality over quantity, total appreciation of the food and the eating process and going back to basics; choosing wholesome and minimally processed food options.  I also loved the positive statements dotted throughout.


I also found this statement quite confronting “the latest predications indicate … that the next generation will fail to meet the life expectancy of their parents” (pages 28-29).  The modernising of our food processes allows us to live shorter lives so that the companies doing the modernising can make more money.  Sweet, NOT!

Not only is Joanna’s book a gorgeous and inspiring book, her book looks at the full spectrum of diet and food-related factors; appetite, emotional eating (guilty) and the best foods for radiant good looks; finding pleasure in food; movement, motivation and activity; and setting and monitoring realistic goals.  Plus there is a generous selection of divine contemporary recipes to tempt your taste buds while nourishing our body and soul.


If Joanna’s book doesn’t help us get back to basics and get us glowing on the inside and outside, I don’t know what will.  It’s up to us!

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