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As you know, we are currently experiencing Barbie mania, I think Barbie’s 50th birthday has to go down as the biggest celebration anyone has ever seen for someone’s birthday let alone a plastic doll!

As part of that celebration, the world’s most popular fashion dolly threw a pink-carpet birthday bash at her real Malibu Dream House®. The 3,500-square-foot Malibu Dreamhouse was decorated by Jonathan Adler.  Apparently a Barbie suite will also be created at the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas.  And for all the big time Barbie collectors out there, you can pick up select items for purchase as part of the “Jonathon Adler Loves Barbie” collection launching September 2009.


The party also debuted a new look for Barbie the Black & White Bathing Suit Barbie. Mattel describes the new face as “a more natural look, including a thinner jaw line, more almond-shaped eyes, fuller lips and a softer makeup palette using shimmery pink lip shades and neutral eye colors.” The 2009 Bathing Suit Barbie doll sports a two-piece black-and-white bikini trimmed with Barbie’s signature color pink, pink hoop earrings, ponytail and the must have accessory the cell phone.


So back at the the Barbie Malibu Mansion – there’s a chandelier made of Barbie’s hair in the Warhol-ic living room (check lounge pic at the top); The Barbie House is complete with 800 pairs of Barbie® sized sunglasses, 3,500 pairs of Barbie® shoes and 3,500 Barbie® handbags.


This is her decadent bedroom with an amazing walk-in shoe closet that we would all just die for.



Poolside … you know how much I lurve poolside.



Heidi Klum hit the pink carpet to celebrate with other Barbie lovers such as Ginnifer Goodwin and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth and many more.  Go and watch the Happy Birthday video.


They all sipped Barbie Doll-icious and Strawberry Blonde cocktails at the dazzling bar framed in fuchsia jewels lit from within.


And this is the sunburst mirror made of 65 Barbie dolls.

Barbie's 50th Birthday Party at her Real-Life Malibu Dream House

Barbie’s dessert table … this is where you will also find me 🙂
3,000 pink roses made up the centre pieces, 146 pounds of pink candy lined the dessert table and 1,030 pounds of ice were used to create an ice sculpture of a birthday cake.


A garage that includes a real Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle pink car


And some Barbie facts that they want us to know:
To set the record straight, Barbie® has never been married (she just likes wearing wedding gowns), she is “just friends” with Ken and her “real” measurements are 5 inches (bust) x 3 ¼ inches (waist) x 5 3/16 inches (hips).  Her weight is 7 ¼ ounces.  And, despite much discussion and controversy, Barbie® is in fact just an 11 ½ inch doll … or is she?

And finally these are the 2009 new editions L-R: Generation of Dreams Barbie; Quintessential Barbie and Golden Anniversary Barbie.


Barbie also celebrated her birthday around the world, including at our Sydney Opera House.  She was a spectacular two-metre tall Gateaux Cake creation.  She stood resplendent in a gold-embroidered gown of luscious sugar frosting, inlaid with shiny silver sprinkles with a butter-crème floral piece at her waist.


So who wants to come and live with me and Barbie?


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    My pleasure, I’m such a Barbie fan too.

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