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Guest Editor, Kellie Leonard from Never Shopped Out

Paige Carson – starlet, diva, mess. The daughter of an 80’s soapstar and a rock god, it’s no wonder Paige has no idea what ‘normal’ means. And Hollywood life isn’t helping. She’s sick of working with her latest co-star, a boorish Aussie heartthrob, sick of being told she’s over-the-hill at 29 and sick of dates that are nothing more than PR stunts. So when she’s offered a Shakespearean role on the London stage, it seems the perfect chance to get away from LA LA land. But Paige is in for a surprise. London is damper, dirtier and far more carb-heavy than the life she’s accustomed to. As opening night looms, Paige must learn not only how to ditch her Dick Van Dyke attempt at a Brit accent, but how to stand on her own two feet for the first time. And though she may not have her therapist on speed-dial, on her way she’ll find real friends and maybe love, too. (Hachette)


A Hollywood ending follows Paige Carson, glamorous Hollywood A-Lister, who is fast sliding towards the D-List. In an attempt to stop her slide down the Hollywood scale and prove that she really is a good actress, not just a fabulous set of breasts, Paige heads to London to start in a ‘serious’ Shakespeare play, despite the fact that she knows nothing about Shakespeare, England or even how to speak with a British accent. But will Ed, her super-serious landlord (who also just happens to be in the TV business), see more in her than anyone in Hollywood has ever bothered to see?

The good…

There was a lot to like in A Hollywood Ending. There is a real tongue in cheek flavour to the descriptions of Hollywood, especially when Paige’s ‘Life Coach’ is in action, and any mention of special Kabbalah water also cracked me up. And despite the occasional diva-like action, on the whole Paige is a very likeable character, who you can’t help but hope finds her happy ending.  In Hollywood, Sisman focuses on the more hardened side of Paige’s character but with the move to London comes a new focus on Paige, where we see that she still has a certain naivety to her, and it’s this side of Paige that takes her from a cliché to a person

The average …

The ending comes upon us pretty quickly and leaves us wondering what the other parts of her future (especially her career) holds – something I would have like to have found out.

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It’s not for you if…you’re more interested in a serious behind the scenes look at life in Hollywood

Available now:  Orion Fiction Paperback, $32.99

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