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You know how much I’m a sucker for cute, gorgeous packaging so when I came across these ‘Panties in a Bunch’ lip gloss set by style icon Dianne Brill, I was sold.  Even though I hate the words ‘panties’ with a passion, they’re underpants, or undies or pants or knickers, not panties, it sounds little girl naughty, I want them for my walk-in dresser that I’m always going on about.


Now to confuse the issue even more, they are not panties, they are lip glosses and are they not just little pieces of glamour in a box?  The six tiny glosses have cheeky names like Sheer String, Pearly Panty and Satin Hipster and come wrapped like chocolate bonbons – talk about tempting your lips.

So I figured that Dianne is not just going to have these gorgeous lip glosses, she’s gotta have more and she does.  Her collection comes with her signature lace pattern design and is just so collectible.

Dizzying flashbulbs, Queen of the Night Eye Lingerie … my lashes feel sexier already.


Her perfume bottle pays homage to the female form, small waist, round hips, long legs.  Bathe yourself in her bath and shower milk and finish off with her decadent pink body cream.


Her face collection includes the miraculous benefits of crushed freshwater pearls


Still & Fill skincare range pays homage to fluro green with her Apple & Snake cocktail collection.  Apparently the Essence of simulated Temple Snake Venom has proven wrinkle reducing properties (hmmm).


Relax & Repair night care range is boosted with Jamine & Evening Passion Flower.  And am so loving the names of these goodies: Evening Gloves, Evening Stockings, Queen of the Night, Full Moon Eyes … love it, love it, love it!


And her website is bursting with lots of handy hints including how to create the Dianne Brill look and fun stuff too; go to Lipstickology to find out what type of Lipstick Diva you are … I appear to be the Angled Angel.


About Dianne

After a stint as Warhol muse, Jean Paul Gaultier model, and global party girl in the ‘80s, the blonde bombshell moved briefly out of the spotlight. But she definitely didn\’t disappear; instead, she moved to Zurich and started playing around with beauty products.


Twenty years later she is the woman behind Dianne Brill Cosmetics, a collection of eye shadows, lipsticks, face creams, and fragrances that look as good on as they do sitting on a vanity. See she’s a woman after my own heart, it’s all about how they look on the dresser (or vanity).

Read more when Dianne spoke with NYLON about the models she loves, the makeup trends she hates, and just what it takes to be a professional party girl.  (Source: Nylon Mag).

And I’m very sorry to once again bring you something that is not here in Australia *SIGH* but she’s won me.

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