Bobbi Brown demystifies makeup

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I have been flicking through my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for eeeek, a couple of months now and I can’t stop flicking through the pages, they are a bit bent from flicking but I keep doing it because the pages are bursting with tips, hints, interesting information, colours and the most heavenly photography that I can just stare at for hours on end.  And I can’t not mention the pink front cover now can I?

BobbiBrown72dpiframedI’m the first to admit that I am not great with makeup application, I’m so lazy with it and I know if I tried to recreate some of the latest looks from the magazines, I would end up looking like a clown!  I am either intrigued or mystified by cosmetics and I think I will have to go into the mystified camp.


So I decided to give the 10 step guide to great makeup application and basic eye makeup application a go and I have to admit my makeup looked good and it stayed on all day.  I don’t understand why you don’t do lips last and I couldn’t bring myself to do them at Step 5, I did them at the end.


Bobbi advocates that makeup is simple and should only take five to 10 minutes to apply.  And practice is the key.


Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basics to every aspect of facial makeup.  It is your ultimate reference guide to makeup and would be a divine gift to give.  The lessons are simple and comprehensive.

She lists the essential tools which covers FOUR pages, you need a degree for all those tools!  She also talks about makeup care, eeek some of my makeup is over 10 years old, time to do a clean-out!  And she also advocates the importance of beauty within.  Seriously the book is bursting at the seams with brilliant information covering such a wide range of topics all within the world of makeup.


Bobbi’s love affair with makeup started at an early age when she discovered her mother’s collection of cosmetics. This passion for beauty continued into Bobbi’s teens and led her to Emerson College in Boston, where she earned a degree in theatrical makeup.  After graduating, Bobbi headed for New York City to fulfill her dream of working as a professional makeup artist. It was the 80’s and the look of the moment was loud, garish, and overdone. Bobbi soon became frustrated by the lack of flattering makeup on the market.


She started Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 1991 and today at 51, she is a makeup legend, not only for the changing the colours we wear but also how we wear them.  And she recently launched the Bobbi Brights Collection which is quite removed from her signature style.  Remember she’s famous for her pinky brown lipstick shade.  She calls this palate her ‘library of beautiful bolts of colour that a woman can pick up anytime she wants to add a ittle fun to her look.’  It was inspired by her ‘fun kit’ that she uses at Fashion Week and features 35 soft matte shades. The colours are so rich and mesmerising.


And also new to the counter is Invisible Coverage Skin Foundation SPF 15 – ‘the foundation offers the lightest amount of coverage without being transparent.’ I just love the image, how do they do it?


And look at this makeup kit, it was owned by Frank Sinatra’s makeup artist – how cute!


So go and get unmystified with Bobbi Brown’s divine manual and add a bit of colour to your day with her new palette, go on I dare you!

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