Could you be a love junkie?

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New book Love Junkie by Rachel Resnick is insanely honest and was like watching the train wreck that Britney Spears became last year … you just have to keep reading even though you want to close your eyes the more and more self destructive she became.  At times you may find it hard read but you know that you have to keep going.


Love Junkie is the story of Rachel Resnick’s dangerous addiction to sex and love. An addiction that has cost her in horrible ways throughout the course of her life – from the time she rear-ended a family van on the freeway because she was obsessively speed-dialling her lover’s mobile phone, to missing the deadline for her first major newspaper assignment, to failing to show up for her first teaching gig (AllenandUnwin).

Her story is extreme but there would be many, (me too I squeak), who have experienced aspects of this addiction and the self-destruction that comes with it. Who hasn’t had pathetic moments in their love lives?  Hands up please … who hasn’t fallen for the wrong guy (or girl)? Who hasn’t confused sex with love?  Who hasn’t fought for a relationship that has had its time?  Or mistook rejection for ‘keep trying’ … my cheeks flamed in shame at times as I recalled incidents from my past where I’d been a love spaz.

Who doesn’t get caught up in what we perceive romance and relationships should be from books, films, TV?  How easy it is to pop those rose-coloured glasses on and not take them off.  It’s not real but it’s everywhere and it’s hard not to get caught up in that.

Rachel is very critical of herself, but we are our worst critics are we not?  And to be honest, I have no idea how she didn’t write this book under a pseudonym or anonymously but that makes this book even more brave and you really do cheer on her honesty and hope to god that she can break the cycle, she deserves it.  She flits back and forth to her childhood and you can understand where her warped thinking around love and sex came from.

This is a compulsive read and highlights an addiction that is probably more common than we think and I think is exacerbated by the world we live in today, fast money, fast fun, fast love.

Rachel’s first Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.  She currently teaches on UCLA’s Extension Writers’ Program.

Available now:  Allen & Unwin, $29.95

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