Pink is the 'recession' buster

| 10 April , 2009 | 3 Replies

Happy Easter girls (and boys) …. apparently underwear brand Jockey have seen a rise in the sale of their coloured briefs of over 60%, with sales of baby pink undies up 62% over the past three months. Woo hoo go the pink!

If the claims Jockey are making, that men are perking themselves up using their pants is true, it adds a new dimension to lipstick economics – the theory market -watchers attribute to sales of small cosmetic items rising in a recession, or the fact that hemlines rise and fall with the economic state of the country.  (Daily Mail)

And of course they called them manties (the male version of panties, eeeek) but I have removed that reference and I think it’s an interesting concept about the Lipstick Economy theory (which I will be touching on soon in another post) but did it occur to them that their partners might be buying the pink undies for them?  But hey, you know I’m a pink advocate so I’m happy to hear that my fave colour pink is helping to prop up the downturn whether in sales or just spirit!

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  1. Naomi says:

    Pink would be my favourite undie colour, but when I quizzed The Boyfriend, he seemed less than impressed that I would even dare suggest that he wear pink knickers. Probably also that I called his undies knickers, but thats another story… 🙂

  2. Aside from white, pink is definitely the most requested panty color on my blog. Then again, what do boys know?

  3. Luxe de Mode says:

    Obama and pink undies! Talk about CHANGE!

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