Burst of orange and sunshine

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Dove GoFresh_BWBurst_lrI’m experiencing a burst of attraction to oranges right now, the colour is everywhere. Miranda Kerr looked divine in it the other day and I’m just really loving it but don’t panic lovelies pink will always remain my favourite colour of choice.

I was greeted at my door by a courier delivering a huge box addressed to me, I wasn’t expecting anything and was very excited and couldn’t rip the box open quick enough.  When the box lid flipped open, a huge orange balloon floated up at me attached to the new Dove ‘Burst’ Go Fresh Body Wash.

You now how much I lurve smells and the smell that burst out of the box was so heavenly and sunshiney, that I had to leave it so it permeated throughout my apartment.  I finally used it today and it’s a winner for me, lathers up a treat and seriously the smell has me won over.

The new body wash fragrance combines a fusion of white ginger, sun-kissed nectarine and succulent passion fruit to revive your skin, and an exotic blend of Indian jasmine, tamarind and fresh pineapple to refresh you.

This juicy new range with sunshine on a rainy day packaging will brighten up you bathroom and will also come in a roll on (in the new upside down format) and aerosol deodorant.  The new fragrance adds to Go Fresh Energise, Go Fresh Fresh Touch (which I’ve used and love) and Go Fresh Cool, so plenty of different smells to choose from.




The new Burst body wash is available from May 2009 and the Burst deodorants are available from August 2009.

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