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| 17 April , 2009 | Reply

I came across this head turning jewellery collection, Leviticus Jewelry (as it’s called, we spell our jewellery differently).  Some of the pieces are so intriguing, giving you the feeling that they have a story to tell.  The bigger pieces also make such a statement and we love our jewellery making statements.


Tara Levitin is an independent artist and jewellery designer who resides in her native city Houston, TX.  Tara hand makes her one of a kind jewellery pieces with antiques and art giving Leviticus its distinct and memorable look.  She launched Leviticus Jewelry in 2005, named after her late brother Levi.


Her collection is inspired by her love of antiques and oddities and she uses a variety of metals such as copper, raw brass, and sterling silver to create her amazing pieces.  I particularly love the double strands in some of them.


I wonder if the scissors would make it through airport security?


These are just some of my favourite pieces, she also does bracelets and earrings visit her website and let me know your favourite and because they are so reasonably priced, I’m sure you will snap your faves up quickly.

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  1. Betsey J says:

    super cute stuff.
    I especially love the pieces with the keys.
    great find!


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