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Julia Morris is an Australian comedian and would be most famous for her TV sketch show Full Frontal during the 1990s as well as being a guest panelist on daytime talk fest Beauty & The Beast.  She recently released her book Don’t you know who I used to be?, the title a satire crack at the world of celebrity (or probably what comes to the forefront of our Aussie minds would be the ‘other woman’, Belinda Neal and I refuse to reference it with a link).


Julia’s story focuses mainly on her time living on the ‘edge’ in London, dealing with the ‘horror’ of having to start at the bottom of a big pond again in her showbiz career; a humbling experience dealt with a seat of the pants living style and much needed wit.  At times I felt like I was sitting down having a vino with her laughing as her personable narrative just flowed through the stages of her London experience.  Although sometimes I think her wit took away the sting of the real angst and emotional pain that she would have been experiencing.  But sometimes words will never convey what you’ve experienced emotionally, I know that from my own personal experiences on my girlie path of life.

My two favourite lines in the book were ‘overnight romance’ instead of ‘one night stand’ and $22,000 Aussie dollars converts to about £23; soooo true but let’s be honest, our currency isn’t worth much right now.  Probably not much more than Julia’s purchase of a royal title on the internet from some poor members of the aristocracy who were selling off square inches of their land to make money.

“Once we registered the paperwork with the Department of Nomenclature I officially became Lady Julia Morris on my driver’s license, passport and all of my banking documents,” she writes.  Absolutely hilarious!

Her husband Dan Thomas does sound like an absolute angel and her story telling is refreshingly honest with, thank goodness, not too much focus on parenting and children as everyone is wont to do these days, for us single girls sometimes it’s just *SIGH* who cares, enough already!

If you are in Sydney you can catch Julia live at the following venues; there’s nothing better than a good stand-up comedy that makes your cheeks hurt like I experienced this weekend seeing my best mate’s brother Adam Hills‘ perform live at the Enmore Theatre.  Seriously I don’t think I have laughed that hard or for that long (2.5hrs) practically non-stop for a very long time, a headache followed me around the next day but it was well worth it!

Venue: The Metro Theatre, George St, Sydney
Date: Tuesday 28th April 2009


Venue: Laycock St Theatre, Laycock St, North Gosford
Date: Saturday 16th May

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