Currently Obsessed With … Tiffany & Co’s Keys Collection

| 29 April , 2009 | 1 Reply

Tiffany & Co’s Keys Collection, inspired by keys from their Archives.  Just think what wearing one around your neck could represent; the key to the heart, the key to your secrets, the key to the pot of gold under the rainbow, the key to a secret treasure trove long forgotten hiding in the attic, the key to an adventure, the key to the biggest walk-in dresser filled to the brim with beautiful things you’ve ever seen or just a key for today.


These magical talismans are reworked in the Tiffany Keys Collection, each with a storied past now open to intriguing new interpretation in iconic pendants and charms. Crafted with utmost quality and suspended from fine, ball or oval-link chains, each one is elegantly expressed in 18 karat yellow or white gold, platinum with diamonds or sterling silver. Through the work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths past, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewellery and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors.  (Tiffany & Co).

For me, it would represent the key to unlocking the magical secrets within me and creating sunshine and lollipop stories for today.  What would it represent for you?

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