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Comes these absolutely gorgeous array of sea creatures made out of crystal.  Created by Swarovski . From floating jellyfish, sea urchins, and underwater castles of light – these are all part of the Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection of couture lighting and art.

Jellyfish 1

They are all made up of Swarovski crystals illuminated by LEDs that move gracefully so as to captivate the audience.  The LEDs change color drawing the viewer through a range of moods.  The three blue/green images (created byand architect Gaetano Pesce) do look like they are floating jellyfish and below the multi-coloured chandelier looks like a sea urchin, and was inspired by a fairytale about a Chinese lantern that stays lit underwater.

Jellyfish 2

The first image is a long design that looks like a mass of seaweed set off by a jet stream of water.  It’s actually raffia and crystals intermixed.  Next to it (front) is Pandora designed by Fredrikson Stallard – this is a recreation of our concept of a chandelier.  About 1900 crystals are suspended in the shape of a chandelier before erupting into controlled chaos.  It’s designed to move and swing around (like theatrical school of fish in an underwater ballet)

Below is Missoni’s Aldebaran Zig Zag and is made of about 33,000 pinned Swarovski crystals. [Bloomacious]

Jellyfish 3

I’m off to swim with my mermaid Obelia again, the bottom of the sea is so beautiful.

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