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This post is Part 3 on Barbie, and there’s still more to come &

This chick is incredibly popular and has the most amazing life ever!!  This post is all about her new home in Shanghai, a FIVE STORY flagship store for Mattel and I’m giving you a tour!

This is the first ever Barbie Flagship for Mattel in Shanghai, designed by New York-based Slade Architecture. There\’s a fashion floor, a doll floor, and even a Barbie cafe in the 35,000 square-foot space, which holds the world\’s largest and most comprehensive collection of Barbie dolls and licensed Barbie products as well as a range of services and activities for Barbie fans!


Am loving the pink escalator tube that takes you from the bustle of the Shanghai street, to the main floor.

The central feature is a three-story spiral staircase enclosed by 800 Barbie dolls. The staircase and the dolls are the core of the store; everything literally revolves around Barbie.  The staircase links the three retail floors:   Women\’s fashion, couture, cosmetics and accessories.


This is clearly the cosmetics section … I’m not sure what brands they are using but as we know from my previous posts she’s collaborated with a number of cosmetic brands.

The doll floor (dolls, designer doll gallery, doll accessories, books) and The Barbie Design Center is where girls design their own Barbie.

The doll floor also has a cute book area.


The girls floor (girls fashion, shoes and accessories) and The Barbie Fashion Stage is where girls take part in a real runway show.


The Barbie Café, is on the top floor – wonder what they serve, salads no carbs?  I hope they have cupcakes and hot chocolates – of course the hot chocolates have to include marshmallows!

Even the loos are girlie, well you wouldn’t expect anything less now would  you?


This store is unashamedly fun and girlie and completely blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.  I totally love it and can’t wait to visit …  there are many more pics that I could have posted but these are my faves.

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  1. Holy moly, the place is just unreal! I would walk up and down the spiral staircase many, many times to see every single Barbie encased there. There isn’t as much pink as I thought there would be, though. Odd, but beautiful nonetheless. (Is a breath of fresh air from the blue-tinted pics I saw today of an apartment, a man decked out in true Star Trek fashion- motherboards and all.) From the pink neon lights out the front, i bet you could see the building from space!

  2. Kimberley says:

    Whoa. That is pink OVERLOAD. Of course I’d hang in the cosmetic section.. (I can only think of two.. companies that have recently partnered with Barbie) Heck.. I love the BATHROOM!! Its gorgeous!

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