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I cannot tell you how much I love candles, I really cannot describe how much I love their smell enveloping me in their heavenly scents as they permeate throughout my apartment.  I look forward to lighting them in the evening when it’s time to chill.  Sometimes I light them during the day just because I can 🙂 So these are my five favourite candles I’m burning at the moment.

Glasshouse Candlesglasshouse-coole-park-cl

Glasshouse Candles for me are the ultimate candle you have ever come across, I cannot tell you how decadently divine they are.  I truly have not come across a candle that is so scented like these are.  And I’m proud to say that they are Australian made.  My favourite scent is – Coole Parke – Jasmine & Peony Fragrance – and sadly last night as I was loitering around sniffing every candle at Sydney Fashion Weekend’s Glasshouse Candle stand I found out that this scent has been discontinued, so I have stockpiled some as every sensible girl with an addiction does!  These candles are triple scented, they use a double wick system enabling the candle to burn evenly and melt the wax across the width of the glass it is housed in and the wax is a non-toxic grade paraffin.  Their extensive range of intoxicating fragrances will definitely have you falling head over heels for them.


Of course I love this candle, I sell it in my store and let’s be honest no candle is going to live up to the incredibleness of Glasshouse Candles but if you are like me and you love the Principessa signature scent you will love this candle. This soy-wax candle will fill your room with a warm glow and an intoxicatingly yummy scent. All natural wicks and 100% pure VegeSoy wax for a clean, non-toxic burn.  Just because Glasshouse is my favourite, doesn’t mean I don’t like burning other candles with different scents.  The Principessa signature scent is just so pretty, and of course the brand is pink.


Another gorgeous Australian brand, Pompadour Candles are proud and very ornate, so gloriously very Marie Antoinette.  I have been enjoying the scent of ‘Delight’, white jasmine and dried pine needles blended with rosewood and copaiaba balsalm.  It has a refreshing and spicy smell and the solid glass jar is so divine. Made from 100% soy wax, it has a gorgeous lid that I sit the candle on as it is burning.  I even have the box next to it just like this picture because I love the luxurious packaging style.  Designed by Nicole Spanger, the range draws inspiration from the legend of Madame de Pompadour – a woman who personified learning, wit and style, who embraced luxury, aesthetics and indulgence to please her soul in the same way that art, literature and music did.

Summer08_PoolTowelGold Canyon

This is a new US brand (to me) and I had one of my lovely twitter friends Tasha send me a sample of her Clean Sheets scent.  Today I am washing all my sheets in the house ’cause it’s a very windy day and that’s the best day to get the sheets dried and back onto the beds quickly.  The Clean Sheets scent smells so fresh and is captured through a breezy blend of fruits and florals with touches of musk – I would definitely love to have this burning in my bedroom.  The Gold Canyon range is quite extensive, I can’t comment on them except from an aesthetics perspective.  Of course I love the girlie ones in their speciality section such as the Paint the Town Pink, the pretty Boutique Chic and the expansive Bella range.

shopcrabtree_cropCrabtree & Evelyn

This was a ‘Noel’ gift from one of my best friends when she was visiting the US (jealous).  The scent is a warm spicy, fruity blend of cranberry, orange and balsam, creating the perfect holiday atmosphere during the festive season.  It comes in a beautiful glass holder decorated with gold leaves.  Even though it’s no longer the festive season, I love the spicy scent if I’m wanting a change from all my other sweet smelling scents.  I absolutely love the glass jar that it is housed in and will find some use for it when it’s sadly burned away.  It’s 50% off right now at Crabtree & Evelyn (US).

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    Nice post! The candle from Crabtree & Evelyn sounds like it smells fantastic cant wait to get one. Thanks for the post!

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    nice candle

  3. Great post! Oooh, I love those Pompadour candles…they have a great website. too! I’m a sucker for anything french themed. 🙂 Oooh, la, la!

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