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I just finished reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman and it made me cry and each word is worth every tear.  I don’t recall  reading a book like this with such a storyline that is so heartfelt and felt so real (well may be Tuesdays with Morrie).  And I believe it’s a book that should go on your must-read list no matter what your age but definitely make sure you have a box of tissues handy!


17-year-old Mia narrates the story of one crucial day in her life, when a perfect morning with her family turns to tragedy, leaving her on the edge of death. As she lies in a coma, she contemplates her relationship with her family, her boyfriend Adam and all the complexities of life, love, and loss. Clinging to life, and contemplating the devastation of everything she held dear, she must decide if she should die, or if she should stay. (Random)

Making decisions in life is really hard sometimes, we can get caught up in all the ‘what ifs’ of life.  From my experience, the decisions we make in life seem to get harder; you would think they get easier as we get older as we tuck more life experiences under our belts.  Some days I find myself agonising over a simple decision, but I have learnt to be able to make decisions based on today and not all the what if’s.  And some decisions require a lot of strength to make them, some of them you just don’t want to have to make so you just keep putting it off until you are forced to. Life is full of so many random decisions, some we don’t even notice that we make, like getting out of bed everyday to go to work.

If I Stay is incredibly thought provoking and the main character of Mia is just so likable; I tried to recall what I was like at that age and I don’t think I was as mature.  The story is such a touching and emotional exploration of love and relationships in all its forms and just so beautifully written, I couldn’t put it down and whipped through it in two days.

Gayle Forman has received rave reviews for this book; and already the rights have been snapped up by a Hollywood Studio.  She is an award-winning journalist who has written articles and books for both adults and teenagers. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

Available now: Random House $29.95, you won’t regret it but don’t forget the tissues.

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