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Guest Editor, Amanda Cole Author of I Hate Cinderella

Louise Bagshawe\’s latest release Passion is like the rest of her books, powerfully addictive and entrancing and glamorous and I was fortunate to sit with her in the Sheraton on the Park and ask her some of the questions we all want to know.Louise Bagshawe_lr


How did you get started with your writing career (for novels)?

I was working for EMI, reading novels for fun at Uni and thought I can do this, so I wrote a a sample chapter (not even a story) and sent it to 13 agents and was very lucky as they picked it up! I hadn\’t even written the rest of the book, it was just a sample!

What was the process like for you after you wrote your first book? Did it fall into eager hands?

I wrote 8 or 9 chapters a partial submission and was offered a book deal that paid me more money than I was making in my PR job.

On my 22nd birthday I got offered a deal of 70,000 Pounds for two books. It was an incredible feeling! “Career Girls” was written when I was 21years old is still one of my favourite books.

Who encouraged you the most?

Everybody I met encouraged me, all the record people where I worked fostered my career path and accepted that it was better for me to be writing books, though I partially regret that I didn\’t go into records!!!

How does your family react to your books?

Dad used to get teased at work, (my first book “Career Girls” was a bit racy and I have toned them down a bit since then!!). My parents have lots of copies of my book (and in many languages), they have a Bulgarian copy of some of them!! My sister Tilly- is also a novelist yet we don\’t read each others work.

What is your home writing area like?

It\’s bloody messy!! I work in my husband’s room as it\’s more peaceful in there!

What’s a typical day in the life of Louise?

It\’s like a normal school mum on school days, though when I am in a writing period and now that the kids are older, my husband takes them for one month to the States and I work between 6am- 10pm.


What’s your motto for life?

Always leap before you look!

Your a full time writer and political activist, charity supporter and mother & wife, how do you mange to juggle it all?

Juggling needs to be done and its easy. Family life takes such a huge part of my time, and campaigning for Parliament takes up all of my free time, that\’s why I have to set aside a month to write uninterrupted. “If you think to hard about how hard something will be, it will never get done! And that applies to family, work and everything else!”

What makes you jump up and down happy?

England winning anything in sport!  And what my children achieve, as well as having a successful career.

When I got my Million dollar Deal (for my next four books) I had a lots of self respect for myself, that was a happy moment!

Also I did an opening speech for David Cameron for a party conference, it was only two minutes but that was such a thrill to be asked to give a speech.

Are there any places on earth you haven\’t been but would love to go to?

This is my first trip out to Australia (and NZ) and I am loving it! I had always wanted to come here! It\’s so different to the cliques, it\’s like Manhattan, stunning and so much bigger than I expected with a big city vibe. (I loved that Louise compared Sydney to NY- as she has lived there!)

So to answer the question- fortunately, I am pretty well travelled, but I have never been to South America.

Where does inspiration come from for you?

I have always had a very active imagination and love dreaming up ideas.


How long did it take to go from an idea in your head to a real-life book called “Passion”?

Once I had the idea for “Passion” it took one month to write, the kids were away in NY and I had 80,000 words written in one month. So pretty much I get 11 months of normal “mum life”, and then one month to write furiously!PassionFramed

Is “Passion” close to your life in any way? Is Will and Melissa based on anyone in your life? ( Fingers crossed Will is someone we can call!!!)

Will and Mel are both based on friends of mine, in terms of personality, but for the rest, I made it all up!!

How much life has changed for you since you wrote your first book?

Dramatically- I went from a poor job I didn\’t love, travelling on the tube and now I have my DREAM job! I am paid to daydream really! My life is so flexible and enjoyable and I have free time to campaign.

What is your favourite part of “Passion”?

It would be the part when Melissa jumps from a building and goes to Boston, where she shows her hidden independent streak. And another favourite part is when Will comes to find Melissa and he realises he is in love with her and can\’t go back to marry the other girl.

What songs did you listen to with each book?

I actually didn\’t listen to any music when I am writing but at the moment I am listing to the Pussy Cat Dolls 2nd Album, Doll Domination

What five tunes would be on a “Passion” soundtrack? (Louise is Rock Chick at heart!! So it was hard for her to choose just five!!)

  • Halo by Pussycat Dolls
  • Can\’t fight this feeling – REO Speedwagon
  • Maneater – Hall & Oates
  • Photograph-  Def Leppard
  • Killer Queen – Queen

Quick fire round – what’s your favourite:

  • City: NY
  • Book: Lord of the Rings
  • Movie: Star Wars!
  • Way to relax: running with music pumping
  • Must-have item: iphone!


What is a goal you are working towards?

I am working on being elected to Parliament!!

Can you tell us a little about your next book if there is one??

I need some good suggestions so if any of you have any!!!!  All I know is it will be the same Vibe but different!.


I must say that after reading all of her books, I was deeply honoured to meet Louise in person, it was like such an inspiration for a fellow Author!! Her brain works so fast that I liken it to a racehorse, bolting across the paddock, it is hardly a surprise that she can write a book of this magnitude in one month!!

After finishing our tea and interview Louise turned to me with her cheeky smile and said “Passion is James bond for Girls” and I couldn\’t agree more!


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