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Sassi girls around the world unite, this incredibly positive and uplifting website, The Sassy Minx, should be a must stop every week, if not every day for every Sassi Girl.  The Sassy Minx manifesto is:  Life, love, purpose, career, passion, pouty-lips – look, will someone please explain this whole ‘life\’ thing to me? Actually, never mind – The Sassy Minx has it\’s own manifesto.


Lisa Clark, author and the creator of The Sassy Minx and Pink World is the most upbeat and deliciously positive Sassi Girl I have ever come across.  Lisa and I connected last year and her boundless energy and enthusiasm for life continues to astound me. Lisa is the epitomy of my manifesto of life being all about sunshine and lollipops, she totally lives it.

Lisa is also going to be a guest editor on my blog and I’m so excited to have her fabulousness on board helping me spread the word of all things Sassi, fun, girlie and pretty.

Life is challenging most of the time but right now it’s even more so and Miss Sassy Minx herself has created The Sassy Sessions.  The Sassy Sessions will help you kick-butt, make-life-sweeter sessions that will fill your vanity case with everything you\’ll ever need to become THE sassy minx!  She wants to encourage girls and women to totally rock in their lives.  I swear Lisa is like a shot in the arm of Vitamin B!

The Sassy Sessions are designed to specifically support you on your very own road-trip to total sassification! If you want to get awesome and become the mistress of your own destiny, THE SASSY SESSIONS will:

  • Help and encourage you to develop your very own kick-ass Sassy Minx attitude. A fail-safe ‘tude that will guarantee you feel sassy, sensual, sorted and sensational in any situation.
  • Give you an Access All Areas pass to the fabulous life&YOUR life.
  • Provide you with a filled-to-the-brim vanity case of must-have tools and techniques specifically designed to create a life that you will fall head-over-killer heels in love with!

You can contact Lisa via email ( to have a chat with her about your own Sassy Sessions or check out her website and get that shot in the arm of Sassiness right now.  Quix, stop reading and get over there now!  Seriously, now!

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