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| 15 June , 2009 | Reply

Do you remember Impulse?  Another teenage rite of passage must have purchase when mum did the weekly shop at the the supermarket.  Their new packaging and marketing campaign recently caught my eye.  And if you do a quick image search in google you’ll agree that they are much more eye catching.


There’s a scent for every mood:

  • Impulse Romantic Spark: Wild violet notes and white wood scents
  • Impulse Musk: Lime, jasmines and wood scents
  • Impulse Goddess: Exotic oriental scents and citrus notes
  • Impulse TrueLove: Freesias, Lily of the Valley and amber notes
  • Impulse Tease: Zesty pineapple and exotic wood scent
  • Impulse Incense: Spices, amber and vanilla scent
  • Impulse Illusions: Rose, musk and amber notes
  • Impulse Paris: Bergamot, tangerine and Lily of the Valley scent
  • Impulse London: Sandalwood, vanilla and grapefruit scent
  • Impulse New York: Apple, red fruit and jasmine scents


And you might be wondering why I’ve got this photo of the gals from Australia’s Next Top Model, Impulse are a sponsor and interestingly if you go to their website, it goes to a facebook page!


So next time you’re at the supermarket, find your favourite scent and tell me what you think.

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  1. OMG, I used to buy these like crazy when I was a teen! Illusion was my fave, i think it used to come in a dark green can i would drive the local Coles staff mad because I’d be in the toiletries aisle with my sister taking the caps off and smelling which one I wanted for that fortnight. (but i think i moved away from Impulse to buy into the new Australis brand of body sprays that came onto the market) Still, they had the best scents back then. Packaging looks so much prettier now 🙂

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