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Guest Editor, Natalie Aroyan from Pink Hibiscus

Romantic comedy fans won\’t be disappointed with the pairing of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in ‘The Proposal\’.

Sandra plays Margaret (don\’t dare call her Maggie) Tate, a powerful book editor who faces deportation to Canada. Ryan Reynolds features as her long suffering assistant Andrew Paxton who, regardless of being treated no better than the dirt on the bottom of her (very high) stilettos, agrees to her quick thinking plan of faking an engagement to keep her in New York. The new fiancées are faced with the threat of severe fines and imprisonment but it doesn\’t seem to deter them from playing along with this somewhat unbelievable idea.

The Proposal Poster

Immigration agent Mr Gilbertson (Denis O\’Hare) is unconvinced and remains hot on their tail throughout the film…a typical weasel-like character, no matter how predictable the outcome, Denis certainly mastered fooling the audience!

Proposal 3

Hilarity ensues of course, when the couple travel to Alaska to meet Andrew\’s family and celebrate his Grandma Annie\’s (Betty White) 90th birthday. The casting of Betty White (of Golden Girls fame – and most recently Bold and the Beautiful) in this role is brilliant. She makes you cringe and laugh but also warms your heart as she accepts Margaret into their family. She is only 1/8th Native American but believes herself a Shaman and the scene with her worshipping Mother Nature with a dancing chant is priceless!

Proposal 1

Andrew\’s parents Joe and Grace are very surprised by Margaret and Andrew\’s unlikely pairing after he made it clear for the three years he was working for her that she was the bane of his existence. Unsurprisingly though, Grace settles into the idea quite quickly and tries desperately to convince Joe that the couple are in fact in love.

Proposal 4

Andrew and Joe Paxton have quite a serious and touching underlying storyline and Grandma Annie and Grace spend most of the film trying to get them to stop bickering and just be grateful to have each other in their lives.

Enter Andrew\’s college sweetheart Gertrude and the stakes are raised even higher in this dangerous game that they\’re playing. Clearly the favourite of the Paxton family, including Andrew, the somewhat predictable introduction of Gertrude forces Margaret to review her behaviour. The softening of Sandra\’s character as she warms to Andrew\’s family and begins to value him as the caring and loving man that he is, brings light to the darkness of her character which I think was needed by this stage of the film. There really doesn\’t seem to be anything positive about her until well into the movie and it\’s hard to understand why Andrew has stuck around so long.

Proposal 2

Both men and women will be pleased with the ‘perve worthiness\’ of Sandra and Ryan especially in a hilarious scene where cinema goers are treated to both characters baring quite a bit of skin! It was very embarrassing for my best friend and I because we couldn\’t stop laughing at this scene long after it had finished&the image was burnt on our memory for a while so whilst the cinema had become quiet, we were trying desperately to stifle giggles! You\’ll all know exactly what scene I mean when you go and see the film!

Sandra\’s outfits were gorgeous and her stilettos were sky high!! I definitely couldn\’t walk in them nearly as well as she did!Proposal 5

I\’m not going to ruin the end of the movie for you, but suffice to say&you can probably guess what happens! My best friend was disappointed by the ending but I thought it was lovely&a bit schmulzy but then again&what romantic comedy doesn\’t end that way?!

Another notable character mention should go to the gorgeous puppy in the movie&it was so cute!!! Look out for its special appearance with an eagle – hilarious!

All in all, I would highly recommend getting your girlfriends together to enjoy the first film from Sandra Bullock in quite a while&I believe it was worth the wait&

The Proposal is showing in cinemas nationally on Thursday 18th June 2009.

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