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I love twitter,  I’ve e-met and connected with some amazing people and one person that is very inspiring is Sarah Prout.oval mirror copy

Sarah is amazing, she’s always thinking, thinking, thinking of the next thing to do.  She recently launched her e-book ‘The Millionairess League‘.  Sarah interviewed30 successful online businesswomen and one of them was me, I was so chuffed to do it with her.  You can be inspired by us online addicts by purchasing a copy at Sarah’s website.

Sarah Prout

Her latest venture is the Twitter Success Blueprint e-book.  If you’re like me and love your social media and want to expand your brand and business in the online world, this little book is for you.  Sarah shares her successes on how to attract 1000’s of followers and manage your social media time, (I so need that help)!.

SProut Twitter

Her Twitter Success Blueprint contains:

  • How you can attract thousands of targeted followers FAST! Setting up your Twitter page for success
  • How to automate your social media time
  • Connection strategies
  • A new twist on #followfriday
  • How to attract attention with your tweets
  • Dealing with spammers, stalkers and porn-bots

And you can discover how she SOLD Twitter ad space on her face in a world first eBay auction! How crazy is that?

I had a chat with Sarah about her business and snuck in a few personal Sassi questions:

  1. How and why did you start Sprout Publishing? SPROUT PUBLISHING evolved out of my passion for success stories. I love to flip through magazines and read profiles of creative businesswomen making money doing what they love. As a writer, it seemed like the most logical idea to build a company where I could produce the information that I enjoyed reading. I’m also a mother of two and wanted to create a business where I could work from home and be available for my little darlings.
  2. What do you love about what you do? I love having the freedom to be creative. There is nothing more rewarding than to see your ideas develop and turn into products that people praise & get value from. The best part of SPROUT is that it combines all of my passions such as graphic design, Law of Attraction & entrepreneurial adventures.
  3. Five favourite things you can’t do without? My MacBook, iPhone, waterproof mascara, a Law of Attraction book close by and my collection of Pilgrim jewellery designed in Denmark.
  4. Which Sassi Moment bests describes you and why? I’m a ‘just in case‘ girl. Although I would have to say that I’m a combination of all of them. My personality is always thinking about what ‘could’ happen and to be prepared in case the weather changes.
  5. Favourite fun and girlie thing you like to do At the moment I spend a lot of time playing ‘Barbies’ with my three year old. My favourite thing to do is to go on a shopping spree. I love the feeling of bringing home new stuff and feeling refreshed by new purchases. Don’t you just love new shoes?
  6. Who would you like to have at a girl’s night in? My best girlfriends and a very expensive bottle of French Champagne. Or if I could choose celebrities to join us then it would have to be Oprah, Esther Hicks, Louise Hay or maybe Angelina Jolie.

Be inspired by Sarah too and follow her on twitter.

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