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Of course I had to have a copy of this book to read, just for the cover!!!  I’m such a sucker for girlie cartoons, I guess that’s not hard considering I am a cartoon myself 🙂

Emma Bowd‘s first fiction story, The Shoe Princess’ Guide to the Galaxy, is definitely a fun read, seriously how could it not be, it’s about shoes!

First time mum, Jane Meadows trades in her Manolo’s for nappies, and all things baby.  Jane is a shoe addict, she has 100’s of pairs but once Millie is born it’s time for them to sit neglected on her shelves while she does her best to get through each day as a new mum.

The scene is set at the beginning with descriptions of Jane’s various shoes she’s worn through the different stages of her life.  And seriously how many of us have bought a pair of shoes that were too big or small just because they were ‘to die for’? *hands up*


No story is a story without friends and Jane’s three closest friends are all very different; there’s the man-eating Rachel, who thinks Jane is taking retro chic just one step too far. The lovely Liz, who’d give anything to be in Jane’s pram shoes and unlucky-in-love best friend Fi who thinks she’s found THE one in Marco.

Jane finds salvation in her new world from her local New Mothers Group, a very elderly neighbour, and a duo of bloggers dedicated to shoes and celebrity gossip.  Jane and her besties are addicted to the Shoe Princess’s blog and that was the one thing I wasn’t overly enraptured with; the ‘blog posts’ at the end of the chapters … I don’t really know why, I think I didn’t want my story to be interrupted.

I also found the information on making the shoes really interesting, there’s a lot of work that goes into making a shoe!

Emma is an Aussie although she lived in London for 11 years, she’s previously written two non-fiction books: A Passion for Shoes and A Passion for Handbags.  In real life Emma’s alter-ego the ‘Shoe Princess’ maintains a real blog at

Allen & Unwin are giving away a pair of designer shoes, enter here.

Available now:  Allen & Unwin, RRP $23.99

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