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I loved these two books, Vintage Alice and Biting the Big Apple, they are both very different but well worth the read.  Entertaining with a touch of sassiness to their characters and well written, you won’t want to put them down.

Vintage Alice – Jessica Adams

Vintage Alice hooks you from the beginning and keeps you turning the pages even when you get a bit frustrated with the central character Alice, it has a lovely mix of romance, fashion, friendships and adventure.


Alice Templeton is hoping that emigrating from England to Australia will give her and her relationship with Nash a new lease of life. But can the relationship with Nash last the distance, and does Alice really want it to?  When Nash pikes on the move to Australia, Alice confounds him (and many of their friends), by deciding to go ahead and try life in Australia.  After initial misgivings about leaving Nash and the familiarity of her London life behind, Alice’s life starts looking up in every sense of the word. Her passion for fashion provides the basis of a new career, she makes some good female mates, and there’s a hunky man on the horizon.

You really do fall for Alice and want her to ‘make it’ with her fashion line. We are all on our quests to find fulfilment and happiness in life.  Money can be the bane of our lives at some stage no matter what we do and Alice is no different.  She has some zany friends and their characters add depth to the storyline.  But I found her new romance hinted at above was a bit hard to get your head around and I won’t say anymore ’cause I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Once again another book set between England and Australia, I’m not a fan of all the traditional ‘Australianisms’ that get thrown around in books such as ‘mad as a cut snake’, but I can have a laugh at some of them.  Aussies are renowned for being generous, laid back and a pretty friendly bunch (especially in the Bush) and Bondi has such an ecelectic mix of people and cultures down there, all the characters fit well.

Vintage Alice is well written and the characters and storyline will hold your attention, a perfect read with a pot of tea and some scones with a dollop of jam and cream.

Available now:  Allen & Unwin, RRP$23.99

Biting the Big Apple – Bella Vendramini

Any book that talks about New York, I know by default I’m going to love.  I swear I was a New Yorker in a past life, it’s my favourite city in the world to visit and of course shop!  Bella is an Kiwi/Aussie actor who scraped together enough money for a one-way ticket to the Big Apple.  We follow her story through the highs and lows of her hilarious and frustrating rags to riches story that unfolds and keeps you turning the pages.


Bella knew there must be more to life than a series of casual jobs working for increasingly freakish bosses and drinking tea in her Glebe kitchen each night. An actor by trade, she scraped together enough money for a one-way ticket to the Big Apple, enrolling on impulse in the prestigious Strasberg Institute. What life in New York city would offer her she could never have predicted…sometimes ugly, mostly poverty-stricken but always exhilarating, Bella embraced the rollercoaster ride. This is the story of how Bella took on New York – her brilliant love affair that turned sour, the friends she made, her acting and her studies and day to day life in that fabulous town. For most of us this is a dream but for Bella it’s her life, and she writes about it with passion but also surprise at where she has let life take her.

Bella’s writing is spellbinding, I couldn’t put it down and some of the stories were just so crazy I wondered how she survived the insanity of them.  She managed to join a prestigious acting school (The Lee Strasberg Institute is extremely difficult to get into and not to mention expensive), fell in love with a crazy millionaire (her Mr Big) and hung out with “QT” (or Quentin Tarantino for those of us not in the ‘know’).

She bought New York to life as you turned the pages, egging her on to keep going no matter what as she lays everything out bare for you on the pages through a haze of alcohol …  some of it felt so ‘unreal’.  It certainly helped having a cousin who was the  stunt-double for Xena Warrior Princess, that gained her access to the celebrity name dropping she was able to do.

An inspiring read of someone overcoming their depression to follow their dreams and totally letting loose with life, you will definitely love taking a bite out of this apple curled up on the sofa with a bottle of red wine.

Available now:  Hachette, RRP$35.00

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