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That stalwart English brand Palmer’s have just released the latest editions to their yummy range, Body Washes.  And I’m trialling them at the moment and they are just fantabolously fantastic.  They are so thick and creamy just the way I like them and you know how much I go on and on about smells, yep they’ve got that covered too!

Bodywash Trios

The original Cocoa Butter formula has a very gooey soft spot in my heart.  I discovered it when I was living in the UK many many moons ago (before it arrived on our shores) and when I inhale it’s chocolaty scent it transports me to holidays in  Biarritz on the South-West Coast of France with my so much fun, your sides split from too much laughter friend, Hazel or as I used to call her back then Miss Bear.

But back to Palmer’s … these new washes are Sulfate free which means they are milder on your skin.  Sulfates are used because they are cheap, are good cleaners and they foam well.  But as I mentioned these are really thick and creamy and foam up nicely and they smell really yummy so it’s even better for our skin that they are sulfate free. [Source]

The Body Washes are available now and at RRP $6.99 that’s a bargain for 400ml of silky softness and heavenly scents to wake you up and get you going in the morning.

I’m also loving their body butters, the Shea Butter scent wafts lightly around you all day like you’re sitting in a garden of gardenia’s as you work 🙂

Trio Body Butters

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