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Amanda Cole Author of I Hate Cinderella

How to Love‘s primiary focus is to help us recognise in ourselves and in others, constellations of character traits and what those traits imply both to compatibility and future conduct; the priorities and personalty traits that we all should be looking to either avoid (narcissism and pessimism) or encourage and foster (tolerance, courage, patience and optimism).

Dr Gordon Livingston, a physician of the human heart, a philosopher of human psychology, is author to the hugely popular ‘Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart‘ and “Never Stop Dancing” and his latest effort How to Love is so informative and amazing to read that it is best read at a relaxed pace rather; spreading the chapters out will allow you time to digest all the vital information Livingston is imparting.HowtoLoveFramedThe chapters outline certain personalty traits in people that we should all try to avoid and those we should invite into our lives. For anyone looking for a little help in the love department, or those that seem to be dating the same disaster over and over, this book is for you. It will make you sit up straight and look at the patterns and the needs that you are confusing over and over and will encourage you to open your mind and not be so blinded by certain ideals that don\’t really work out long term. It is exposing and thoughtful as it takes us through thoughts such as: “Love will make you forget time and time will make you forget love”, and “ideas are easier to love than people”.

This is a book that should be taught at all schools. I don\’t doubt that one day it will, though one line that particularly stood out for me in “How to Love” was the comparison between how much we pay those charged with our children\’s educations and those that entertain us. It is completely unbalanced and is a testimony of our values currently.

The book is clever, biting, realistic and intelligent and could become one of the most important psychology books to be written for those looking for guidance on a happier more fulfilled life.

Available now: Hachette RRP$24.99



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