Germ Police

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Last week Wet Ones launched their Antibacterial and Sensitive hand wipes at Martin Place using Anti Germ police officers who targeted the cleanliness levels of passing pedestrians in the Sydney CBD.  Led by Superintendent G. Ermfree the police team were the newly created strike force sent in to assist members of the general public with how to maintain a high standard of their personal cleanliness levels.

Germ Police

The hand wipes are now available in tapered car cup holder canisters which is perfect for Mums and Dads with kids and their sticky fingers.

Wet Ones Double

Using Wet Ones® Antibacterial hand and face wipes will kill 99.99% of germs when soap and water are not available or convenient.  While Wet Ones® Sensitive Skin hand and face wipes are enriched with soothing cucumber extract, conditioning chamomile and a moisturising complex containing Aloe and Vitamin E.

These new Wet Ones are available in the convenient 40 wipe car cup holder canisters from major supermarkets, variety stores and pharmacies.  They are also available in convenient 15 wipe travel packs and 30, 70 and 110 wipe canisters.

RRP: $3.49 for stockists call 1800 810 310.

So what’s fun and girlie about these?  Well we can use them for anything too, how many times do we spill something in the car or get make up all over our fingers?

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